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Analysis and Design of Plated Structures Volume 1
by N.E. Shanmugam

Analysis and Design of Plated Structures Volume 1 reviews the wealth of research in this important area and its implications for design, safety, and maintenance.


  • Discusses the behavior of plated structures such as bridges, power plants, and cranes when under stress
  • Provides extensive coverage of the key research now available in this important area
  • Includes chapters contributed by an international panel of authors


Lateral Buckling of Tapered Steel Members

  • Nonlinear Finite Element Formulation
  • Linear Finite Element Formulation
  • Elastic Buckling Curves
  • Design Strengths

Buckling of Plates with Variable Inplane Forces

  • Buckling of Rectangular Plates
  • Numerical Examples and Discussion

Finite Element Formulation for Plate Stability Analysis

  • The Formulation
  • Derivation of the Elastic and Geometric Stiffness Matrices for the Bilinear Plate Element

Mesh-Free Methods for Buckling Analysis of Stiffened and Corrugated Plates

  • Mesh-Free Galerkin Method
  • Estimation of Equivalent Properties
  • Formulation for Stiffened and Corrugated Plates
  • Validation Studies

Plastic Buckling of Plates

  • Buckling of Rectangular Plates
  • Axisymmetric Buckling of Circular Plates
  • Buckling of Annular Plates
  • Buckling of Polygonal Plates

Mechanical and Thermal Buckling of Ceramic-Metal Plates

  • Theoretical Formulation

Thermal Buckling and Postbuckling of Laminated Plates

  • Governing Equations
  • Analytical Method and Asymptotic Solutions
  • Thermal Postbuckling of Antisymmetric angle-ply Laminated Plates
  • Thermal Postbuckling of Symmetric cross-ply Laminated Plates
  • Thermal Postbuckling of a Symmetric cross-ply Laminated Plate with Piezoelectric Layers
  • Thermal Postbuckling of Fgm Hybrid Laminated Plates

Local and Interaction Buckling in Composite Columns

  • Forms of Composite Steel-Concrete Members
  • Background to Buckling
  • Local Buckling of Composite Steel-Concrete Members
  • Interaction Buckling of Composite Steel-Concrete Members

Buckling and Postbuckling of Stiffened Composite Structures

  • Experimental Observations
  • Finite Element Modelling
  • Modelling Failure

Analysing the Strength and Ductility of Plated Structures

  • Component Plates
  • Stub-Columns
  • Cantilever Columns

Concrete-Filled Steel Box Columns

  • Theoretical Analysis

Analysis of Corrugated Web Plates in Bridge Structures

  • Elastic Buckling of Corrugated Plates
  • Elasto-Plastic and Finite Displacement Analysis of Plates

Interaction of Curvature on the Stability and Design of Curved Plate Girders

  • Stability During Construction
  • Cross frame Interval Design
  • Influence of Curvature on Lateral-Torsional Stability
  • Effect of Curvature on Flange Plate Stability
  • Effect of Curvature on Web Plate Stability and Distortion

Buckling Failure of Structures Consisting of Curved Plates

  • Cylindrical Structures
  • Experimental Behaviour
  • Prototype Failures
  • Buckling through Differential Settlement

Local Buckling and Postbuckling Analysis of Light Gauge Steel Members

  • Local Buckling in Plates and Systems of Plates
  • Finite Strip Type Analysis
  • Comparison of Different Strip Formulations
  • Compression Members
  • Buckling in Beams


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Analysis and Design of Plated Structures
Volume 1: Stability

by N.E. Shanmugam
2006 • 498 pages • $248.95 + shipping
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