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Biotechnology in Cosmetics
Concepts, Tools and Techniques

Biotechnology in Cosmetics is an informative, authoritative collection of articles from Cosmetics & Toiletries and covers a variety of topics to create a solid foundation of knowledge about the biotechnology in cosmetics industry.

Topics include:

  • Biotechnology and the Skin
  • Biotechnology and Aging
  • Biotechnological Developments in Ingredients
  • Flavors, Fragrances and Pigments
  • Regulations and Testing in the Biotechnology Age


Part I. Introduction

  1. Biotechnology Impacting Cosmetic Science: Altering the Way Cosmetics Are Perceived?
  2. Advances in Phytochemistry: Rx and Non-Rx
  3. Novel Approaches for Molecular Biology and Skin Care Products
  4. Dermagenetics

Part II. Biotechnology and the Skin

  1. Pathways for Skin Penetration
  2. Quantifying Skin Relaxation and Well-Being
  3. Who is Mast T. Langerhans?
  4. Neuroimmunological Activities of Keratinocytes
  5. Metalloproteinase Inhibitors
  6. Advances in Stratum Corneum Biology and Understanding of Dry Skin
  7. Advances in Dry Skin Stratum Corneum Biology and Moisturization

Part III. Biotechnology and Aging

  1. Extracellular Matrix and Aging: A Review of Mechanisms and Interventions
  2. Wrinkle Free and Beyond
  3. Delivering on Antiaging Potential
  4. Pollution and Aging: Antioxidants for Skin
  5. Pep Talk: Slowing Down Aging
  6. Peptides in the Pipeline for Antiaging
  7. A New Sodium Hyaluronate For Skin Moisturization and Antiaging
  8. Antiaging Effects of a Skin Repair Active Principle
  9. Strategies of Antiaging Actives in Sunscreen Products
  10. Actives Activate Skin Care Market

Part IV. Biotechnological Developments in Ingredients

  1. Super Naturals
  2. Peroxide-Inducible Protective Factors Produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  3. Chitosan in Cosmetics: Technical Aspects When Formulating
  4. Octadecenedioic Acid for a More Even Skin Tone
  5. Rhizobium Gum: A Novel Cosmetic Ingredient from Soil to the Skin
  6. Protecting the Skin from Environmental Stresses with an Exopolysaccharide Formulation
  7. Examining an Exfoliation-Promoting Enzyme for Cosmetic Applications
  8. Manufacturing Microalgae for Skin Care
  9. Targeting Deep-Sea Microorganisms for Discovering New Polysaccharides
  10. Flavors of the Future: Biotechnology, “Intelligent” Flavors and Beyond
  11. Synthesis and Authentication of Natural Vanillins Prepared by Fermentation
  12. The Future of Fragrance: Toward a Biotechnology of Scent Creation
  13. Pigment Ideas from the Animal and Microorganism Kingdoms

Part V. Regulations and Testing in the Biotechnology Age

  1. “Precautionary” Regulation, Genetics and Cosmeceuticals in the 21st Century
  2. Using Tissue Engineered Skin to Evaluate the Irritation Potential of Skin Care Products
  3. ATP Bioluminescence: Detecting Microbial Contamination


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Concepts, Tools and Techniques
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