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The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
A Guide to a Successful Audit
by Ron Kill

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety offers companies in the food industry the first comprehensive guide to preparing for the Global Standard audit.

Using over 600 real life examples, it enables manufacturers to ensure that the correct systems are in place to achieve the Standard and present themselves in the best way during the audit process. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety also recommends the steps to take following the audit and how to correct non-conformities.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is aimed at suppliers wishing to attain certification for the first time and at those already in the scheme seeking to improve their grades. It will also be of interest to certification bodies and consultants to the food industry.


Preparation for the Audit

  1. Keys to Success

  • Success
  • Failure
  • Preparation
  • Documented Procedures and Records
  • Evidence
  • Track Record
  • Team Building
  • See Yourselves as Others See You

  1. Familiarity with the Standard
  • Why Choose the Global Standard for Food Safety?
  • The Structure of the Standard
  • Section I: 1. The Introduction
  • Section I: 2. Food Safety Management System
  • Section II: The Requirements
  • The BRC Guideline Series and Other Support Information
  • The Fundamental Requirements
  • Recurring Themes
  • Section III: How to Gain Certification—Understanding the Protocol
  • Unannounced Audits
  • Position Statements
  • Section IV and the Appendices

  1. Planning for the Audit
  • Choosing a Certification Body
  • The Application Form and Contract
  • Agreeing the Scope
  • Registering with the BRC
  • Fixing a Date
  • Key Staff
  • Internal Audit
  • Availability of Records and Other Evidence
  • Facilities for the Auditor
  • Pre-Audits
  • Pre-Audit Checklist
  1. How to Conduct Yourself at the Audit
  • The Format of the Audit
  • Keeping the Auditor Safe
  • Preventing Interruptions
  • Letting the Auditor Lead the Audit
  • Listening to the Question
  • Knowing When to be Quiet
  • Being Positive and Co-operative
  • Consultants
  • Remembering the Obvious
  • Correcting Nonconformities during the Audit
  • The Closing Meeting

The Requirements of the Standard

  1. Clause 1, Senior Management Commitment and Continual Improvement.
  2. Clause 2, The Food Safety Plan—HACCP
  3. Clause 3, Food Safety and Quality Management System
  4. Clause 4, Site Standards
  5. Clause 5, Product Control
  6. Clause 6, Process Control
  7. Clause 7, Personnel
After the on-site Audit

  1. Correcting Non Conformities
  2. What Next?

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The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
A Guide to a Successful Audit
by Ron Kill

2008 • 340 pages • $118.95 + shipping
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