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Bridge Engineering Handbook
edited by Wai-Fah Chen

  • Covers all major areas of bridge design, construction, and maintenance
  • Describes the basic concepts and assumptions, but omits the detailed derivations of formulas and theories
  • Provides in-depth treatment of seismic design and long-span bridges
  • Combines traditional and new, innovative practices
  • Focuses on practical solutions

An international team of experts has joined forces to produce the Bridge Engineering Handbook! They address all facets-the planning, design, inspection, construction, and maintenance of a variety of bridge structures-creating a must-have resource for every bridge engineer.

This unique, comprehensive reference provides the means to review standard practices and keep abreast of new developments and state-of-the-art practices.

Coverage includes:

  • Fundamentals: Provides the basic concepts and theory of bridge engineering
  • Superstructure Design: Discusses all types of bridges
  • Substructure Design: Addresses columns, piers, abutments, and foundations
  • Seismic Design: Presents the latest in seismic bridge design
  • Construction and Maintenance: Focuses on the practical issues of bridge structures
  • Special Topics: Offers new and important information and unique solutions
  • Worldwide Practice: Summarizes bridge engineering practices around the world

Discover virtually all you need to know about any type of bridge: Reinforced, Segmental, and Prestressed Concrete Steel beam and plate girder Steel box girder Orthotropic deck Horizontally curved Truss Arch Suspension Cable-stayed Timber Movable Floating Railroad

Special attention is given to rehabilitation, retrofit and maintenance, and the Bridge Engineering Handbook offers over 1,600 tables, charts, and illustrations in ready-to-use format. An abundance of worked-out examples give readers step-by-step design procedures and the section on Worldwide Practice provides a broad and valuable perspective on the "big picture" of bridge engineering.


  1. Fundamentals
    • Conceptual Bridge Design
    • Aesthetics - Basics
    • Aesthetics - Structural Art
    • Planning of Major Fixed Links
    • Design Philosophies for Highway Bridges
    • Highway Bridge Loads and Load Combination
    • Structural Theory
    • Structural Modeling

  2. Superstructure Design
    • Reinforced Concrete Bridges
    • Prestressed Concrete Bridges
    • Segmental Concrete Bridges
    • Steel-Concrete Composite I-Girder Bridges
    • Steel-Concrete Composite Box Girder Bridges
    • Orthotropic Deck Bridges
    • Horizontally Curved Bridges
    • Truss Bridges
    • Arch Bridges
    • Suspension Bridges
    • Cable-Stayed Bridges
    • Timber Bridges
    • Movable Bridges
    • Floating Bridges
    • Railroad Bridges
    • Deck System and Approach Slabs
    • Expansion Joints

  3. Substructure Design
    • Bearings
    • Piers and Columns
    • Towers
    • Abutments and Retaining Structures
    • Geotechnical Considerations
    • Shallow Foundations
    • Deep Foundations

  4. Seismic Design
    • Geotechnical Earthquake Consideration
    • Earthquake Damages to Bridges
    • Dynamic Analysis, R. Bavirisetty
    • Nonlinear Analysis of Bridge Structures
    • Seismic Design Philosophy and Performance-based Design Criteria
    • Seismic Design of Concrete Bridges
    • Seismic Design of Steel Bridges
    • Seismic Retrofit Practices
    • Seismic Isolation and Energy Dispassion
    • Soil-Structure-Foundation Interaction
    • Seismic Retrofit Technology
    • Seismic Design Practices in Japan

  5. Construction and Maintenance
    • Steel Bridge Construction
    • Concrete Bridge Construction
    • Substructures of Major Overwater Bridges
    • Construction Inspection
    • Maintenance Inspection and Rating
    • Strengthening and Rehabilitation

  6. Special Topics
    • Applications of Advanced Composites
    • Effective Length of Compression Members
    • Fatigue and Fracture
    • Weight Distribution of Steel Bridges
    • Weight-In-Motion Measurement of Trucks on Bridges
    • Impact Effects of Moving Vehicles
    • Wind Effects on Long-Span Bridges
    • Cable Tension Adjustment and Construction Control
    • Active Control in Bridge Engineering
    • Vessel Collision Analysis and Design
    • Bridge Hydraulics
    • Sound Walls and Railings

  7. Worldwide Practice
    • Design Practice in China
    • Design Practice in Europe
    • Design Practice in Japan
    • Design Practice in Russia
    • Evolution of Bridges in the United States

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Bridge Engineering Handbook
edited by Wai-Fah Chen
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