Professional Book for Chocolate Industry
from C.H.I.P.S.

History, Culture, and Heritage
edited by Louis Evan Grivetti

Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage features fifty-seven essays representing research activities and contributions from more than 100 members of the Chocolate History Group.

These contributors draw from their backgrounds in such diverse fields as anthropology, archaeology, biochemistry, culinary arts, gender studies, engineering, history, linguistics, nutrition, and paleography. The result is an unparalleled examination of chocolate, beginning with ancient pre-Columbian civilizations and ending with twenty-first-century reports.

Here is a sampling of some of the fascinating topics explored inside the book:

  • Ancient gods and Christian celebrations: chocolate and religion
  • Chocolate and the Boston smallpox epidemic of 1764
  • Chocolate pots: reflections of cultures, values, and times
  • Pirates, prizes, and profits: cocoa and early American east coast trade
  • Blood, conflict, and faith: chocolate in the southeast and southwest borderlands of North America
  • Chocolate in France: evolution of a luxury product
  • Development of concept maps and the chocolate research portal

Not only does this book offer careful documentation, it also features new and previously unpublished information and interpretations of chocolate history. Moreover, it offers a wealth of unusual and interesting facts and folklore about one of the world's favorite foods.


Part 1: Beginnings and Religion. Introduction to the Theme

  1. Cacao Use in Yucatán Among the Prehispanic Maya
  2. Tempest in a Chocolate Pot. Origins of Mesoamerican Words for Chocolate
  3. Ancient Gods and Christian Celebrations. Chocolate and Religion
  4. Chocolate and Sinful Behaviors. Inquisition Testimonies
  5. Nation of Nowhere. Jewish Role in Colonial American Chocolate History

Part 2: Medicine and Recipes. Introduction to the Theme

  1. Medicinal Chocolate in New Spain, Western Europe, and North America
  2. Chocolate and the Boston Smallpox Epidemic of 1764
  3. From Bean to Beverage. Historical Chocolate Recipes
  4. Imparting Dietary Advice and Moral Values Through 19th Century North American Cookbooks

Part 3: Serving and Advertising. Introduction to the Theme

  1. Chocolate Preparation and Serving Vessels in Early North America
  2. Silver Chocolate Pots of Colonial Boston
  3. Is it a Chocolate Pot? Chocolate and Its Accoutrements in France from Cookbook to Collectible
  4. Chocolate Pots. Reflections of Cultures, Values, and Times
  5. Role of Trade Cards in Marketing Chocolate During the Late 19th Century
  6. Chocolate Advertising Posters. Reflections of Cultures, Values, and Times
  7. Chocolate at World’s Fairs, 1851-1964

Part 4: Economics, Education, and Crime. Introduction to the Theme

  1. Pirates, Prizes and Profits. Cocoa and Early American East Coast Trade
  2. How Much Is That Cocoa In The Window? Cocoa's Position in the Early American Marketplace
  3. "C" is for Chocolate. Chocolate and Cacao as Educational Themes in 18th Century North America
  4. Chocolate, Crime, and the Courts. Selected English Trial Documents (1693-1834)
  5. Dark Chocolate: Chocolate and Crime in North America and Elsewhere

Part 5: Colonial and Federal Eras (Part 1). Introduction to the Theme

  1. Chocolate and Other Colonial Beverages
  2. Chocolate Production and Uses in 17th and 18th Century North America
  3. Chocolate’s Early History in Canada
  4. A Necessary Luxury: Chocolate in Louisbourg and New France
  5. Chocolate Manufacturing and Marketing in Massachusetts (1700-1920)
  6. Boston Chocolate. Newspaper Articles and Advertisements (1700-1825)

Part 6: Colonial and Federal Eras (Part 2). Introduction to the Theme

  1. Dutch Cacao Trade in New Netherlands during the 17th and 18th Centuries
  2. Chocolate Consumption and Production in New York’s Upper Hudson River Valley (1730-1830)
  3. Chocolate Makers in 18th Century Pennsylvania
  4. Breakfasting on Chocolate: Chocolate in Military Life on the Northern Frontier (1750-1780)
  5. Chocolate and North American Whaling Voyages

Part 7: Southeast/Southwest Borderlands and California. Introduction to the Theme

  1. Blood, Conflict, and Faith. Chocolate in the Southeast and Southwest Borderlands of North America. Spanish and Mexican Periods (1641-1833)
  2. Sailors, Soldiers, and Padres. California Chocolate (1542-1840)
  3. From Gold Bar to Chocolate Bar: California Chocolate from the Gold Rush Era to the Early 20th Century

Part 8: Caribbean and South America. Introduction to the Theme

  1. Caribbean Cocoa: Planting and Production
  2. Caribbean Chocolate: Preparation, Consumption, and Trade
  3. History of Cacao Cultivation and Chocolate Consumption in Cuba
  4. History of Cacao and Chocolate in Cuban Literature, Games, Music, and Culinary Arts
  5. Portuguese Colonial Cacao Cultivation in Brazil and West Africa (c. 1580-1912)

Part 9: Europe and Asia. Introduction to the Theme

  1. Cure or Confection? Chocolate in the Portuguese Royal Court and Colonial Hospitals (1580-1830)
  2. Chocolate in France. Evolution of a Luxury Product
  3. Commerce, Colonies, and Cacao: Chocolate in England from Introduction to Industrialization
  4. Ambergris, Emperors, and Export Ware. Early Reports of Chinese Chocolate

Part 10: Production, Manufacturing, and Contemporary Activities. Introduction to the Theme

  1. Cacao, Haciendas, and the Jesuits. Letters from New Spain (1693-1751)
  2. From Stone Metates to Steel Mills. The Evolution of Chocolate Manufacturing
  3. Adulteration. The Dark World of "Dirty" Chocolate
  4. Making Colonial Era Chocolate. The Colonial Williamsburg Experience
  5. American Heritage Chocolate. Development of a Good Idea
  6. Twenty-first Century Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Medicinal Use of Chocolate

Part 11: Fieldwork, Methodology, and Interpretation. Introduction to the Theme

  1. Symbols from Ancient Times. Paleography and the San Augustine Chocolate Saga
  2. Digging for Chocolate in Charleston and Savannah
  3. Management of Cacao and Chocolate Data. Development of Concept Maps and the Chocolate Research Portal
  4. North American Base Metal Chocolate Pots. Context and Interpretation
  5. Searching American Civil War Archives. Blue and Gray Chocolate
  6. Chocolate Futures: Promising Areas for Further Research
  7. Epilogue: Synthesis and Celebration


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History, Culture, and Heritage
edited by Louis Evan Grivetti

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