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Composites for Automotive, Truck and Mass Transit
by Uday Vaidya

Composites for Automotive, Truck and Mass Transit provides a comprehensive explanation of how advanced composite materials, including FRPs, reinforced thermoplastics, carbon-based composites and many others are designed, processed and utilized in exterior, interior, under-the-hood, structural, semi-structural and non-structural components in passenger cars, performance cars, trucks, motorbikes, and mass transit vehicles.

The book clarifies how the material properties of composites can be optimized to decrease weight, expand design options, improve crashworthiness, and reduce fuel consumption in response to CAFE and other regulations. The many case studies and equation-based analyses in this book are intended to assist engineers and others in the selection of materials and the fabrication of vehicle parts.


  • Technical explanation of composite materials in vehicle design and manufacture
  • Covers all phases of composites design, formulation, fabrication, and testing
  • Features hundreds of case studies and hard-to-find formulas and analytical data
  • Detailed information on resins, preforms, lightweighting, biobased materials


1. Introduction

  • History and Legislative Actions
  • The Case for Lightweighting
  • Technological Barriers
  • Advantages and Opportunities
  • Integral Factors

2. Polymer Resins, Additives and Sandwich Cores for Automotive, Mass Transit and Heavy Trucks

  • Polymer Resins: Thermoset and Thermoplastic
  • Thermoset Polymer Composites
  • Thermoplastic Resins
  • Additives
  • Structural Foams and Core Materials

3. Reinforcements for Automotive and Transportation Applications

  • Reinforcing Fibers
  • Reinforcement Length Scales and Forms
  • Glass Fibers
  • Carbon or Graphite Fibers
  • Aramid (Kevlar") Fibers
  • High-Strength Polyolefin Fibers
  • Basalt Fibers

4. Material Forms for Automotiave, Heavy Trucks and Mass Transit

  • Need for Intermediate Material Forms
  • Preforming
  • Intermediate Material Form for Thermoplastic Composites

5. Discontinuous Reinforcement-Based Processes for Automotive and Transportation Applications

  • Discontinuous Forms
  • Glass Mat Thermoplastic Composites (GMT)
  • Long Fiber Thermoplastics (LFT)
  • Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)
  • Compression Molding
  • Programmable Powdered Preform Process (P4)
  • Structural Foam Molding
  • Other Application Case Studies with Discontinuous Fiber Composites
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Lightweighting Fuel Cells

6. Continuous Fiber Reinforcement-Based Processes for Automotive, Heavy Trucks and Mass Transit

  • Continuous Fiber Composites
  • Preforming
  • Continuous Fiber Processes for Automotive and Transportation Applications
  • Application Case Studies with Continuous Fiber Reinforcements

7. Mechanics and Design Tips

  • Test Methods and Specific Properties
  • Conversion Between Volume and Weight Fractions
  • Stiffness and Strength Prediction of Discontinuous and Continuous Fiber Composites
  • Stiffness Equivalency
  • Sandwich Composites
  • Ribbed LFT and Tape Reinforced LFT

8. Composite Manufacturing Process Analysis for Automotive Parts

  • Background
  • Production Requirements
  • Representative Part
  • Cost Analysis
  • Economic Benefit for the Material Supplier

9. Carbon Fiber

  • Background
  • Challenges
  • Typical Properties of Automotive Carbon Fiber Composites
  • Carbon Fibers in Cars

10. Performance Cars

  • Background
  • Performance Cars
  • Hypercar
  • Futuristic Concept Cars
  • Race Motorbikes

11; Heavy Trucks and Mass Transit

  • Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs)
  • Role of Composites in Mass Transit
  • Composite Subelements for Mass Transit

12. Joining and Adhesives

  • Joining and Bonding Strategies
  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Fusion Bonding/Welding
  • Joining in Automotive and Transportation Components

13. Biocomposites, Recycling and Environmental Aspects

  • Need for Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • History
  • Regulations
  • Green Materials/Natural Fibers
  • Bio-Resins and Nanoclay Modified Resins
  • Nanocomposites
  • Intermediate Forms
  • Examples of Natural Fiber and Biocomposite Automotive Parts
  • Recycled Composite Scrap for Transportation

14. Overall Summary

  • Overall Trends
  • Opportunities and Challenges


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Composites for Automotive, Truck and Mass Transit
by Uday Vaidya
2010 • 433 pages • $228.00 + shipping
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