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Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control
New Methods and Applications
Third edition
by J. Patrick Powers

Illustrated with hundreds of new figures and photographs and including numerous detailed case histories, the Third edition of Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control is a comprehensive and valuable reference for both students and practicing engineers alike.


  • Dozens of case histories demonstrating various groundwater control practices and lessons learned in groundwater control and work performed
  • Detailed methods of controlling groundwater by use of conventional dewatering methods as well as vertical barrier, grouted cutoff, and frozen ground techniques
  • Contracting practices and conflict resolution methods that will help minimize disputes
  • Alternatives and effective practices for handling and treating contaminated groundwater
  • Innovations in equipment and materials that improve the performance and efficiency of groundwater control systems
  • Practices and procedures for success in artificial recharge
  • Groundwater modeling to simulate and plan dewatering projects
  • Inclusion of dual U.S. customary and metric units throughout

Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control is an indispensable tool for all engineering and construction professionals searching for the most up-to-date coverage of groundwater control for various purposes, the modern ways to identify and analyze site-specific situations, and the modern tools available to control them.


Part One: Theory

  1. Groundwater in Construction
  2. The Geology of Soils
  3. Soils and Water
  4. Hydrology of The Ideal Aquifer
  5. Characteristics of Natural Aquifers
  6. Dewatering Design Using Analytical Methods
  7. Groundwater Modeling using Numerical Methods
  8. Piezometers for Groundwater Measurement and Monitoring
  9. Pumping Tests
  10. Surface Hydrology
  11. Geotechnical Investigation of Dewatering Problems
  12. Pump Theory
  13. Groundwater Chemistry, Bacteriology, and Fouling of Dewatering Systems
  14. Contaminated Groundwater
  15. Piping Systems

Part Two: Practice

  1. Choosing a Method of Groundwater Control
  2. Sumps, Drains, and Open Pumping
  3. Deep Well Systems
  4. Wellpoint Systems
  5. Ejector Systems and Other Methods
  6. Groundwater Cut-off Structures
  7. Ground Freezing
  8. Artificial Recharge
  9. Electrical Design for Dewatering Systems
  10. Long-Term Dewatering Systems
  11. Dewatering Costs
  12. Dewatering Specifications, Allocation of Risk, Dispute Avoidance
    and Resolution of Disputes


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Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control
New Methods and Applications
Third edition
by J. Patrick Powers

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