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Cuisine and Culture
A History of Food and People
Second edition
by Linda Civitello

Cuisine and Culture: A History of Food and People gives an illuminating account of how history shapes our diets.

From prehistory and the earliest societies around the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers to today's celebrity chefs, Cuisine and Culture, Second edition presents a multicultural and multiethnic approach that draws connections between major historical events and how and why these events affected and defined the culinary traditions of different societies.

Fully revised and updated, this Second Edition offers new and expanded features and coverage, including:

  • New Crossing Cultures sections providing brief sketches of foods and food customs moving between cultures
  • More holiday histories, food fables, and food chronologies
  • Discussions of food in the Byzantine, Portuguese, Turkish/Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian empires
  • Greater coverage of the scientific genetic modification of food, from Mendel in the 19th century to the contemporary GM vs. organic food debate
  • Speculation on the future of food
  • And much more!

Complete with sample recipes and menus, as well as revealing photographs and illustrations, Cuisine and Culture, Second edition is the essential survey history for students of food history.


Antipasto/Antojitos/Amuse-Bouches: Food for Thought

  1. From Raw to Cooked: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India
  2. Grain, Grape, Olive: Ancient Greece and Imperial Rome
  3. Crazy Bread, Coffee and Courtly Manners: The Middle Ages, 500-1300
  4. Tea, Chocolate, and the First Cookbook: Asia, The Americas, and the First Cookbook, 1300-1500
  5. The Columbian Exchange and the Protestant Reformation: The 16th Century
  6. Thanksgiving, Hutspot, and Haute Cuisine: 17th Century America, the Netherlands, Russia, France
  7. Election Cake and "Let Them Eat Cake": The American and French Revolutions
  8. From Coyotes to Coca-Cola: The 19th Century in America
  9. Sanitation, Nutrition, Colonization: The 19th Century in Europe, Asia, and Africa
  10. The Purity Crusade, Cuisine Classique, and Communal Food: The Early 20th Century in the United States, Europe, and Russia
  11. Prohibition, Soup Kitchens, Spam, and TV Dinners: The Depression, World War II, and the Cold War
  12. Revolutions in Cuisines and Cultures: From "Bon Appétit" to "Bam!": The 1960s Through the Next Millennium


  1. French Pronunciation
  2. Italian Pronunciation
  3. Major Wars and Battles (not Ancient)
  4. Selected Cookbook and Food Books Chronology


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Cuisine and Culture
A History of Food and People
Second edition
by Linda Civitello

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