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Drought Management and Planning for Water Resources
edited by Joaquin Andreu Alvarez

Drought Management and Planning for Water Resources provides an essential collection of planning and management tools for minimizing the negative impacts of droughts.


  • Examines the criteria for marginal water treatment and reuse under drought conditions including minimum water quality requisites, the level of treatment and the related cost
  • Describes a model that examines conventional and marginal water utilization for solving large-scale water system optimization problems
  • Presents tools and models for analyzing the performance of conjunctive use cases, emphasizing their ease of use, versatility, and rigor
  • Discusses the importance of a cost-effective drought plan for minimizing the adverse impacts of water shortages on public health, economic activity, and the environment
  • Proposes a methodology for the analysis of water resource systems as well as designing and planning operational measures that would avoid or mitigate the effects of droughts
  • Elucidates the importance of adopting a pro-active approach to reduce the worst consequences and promote the efficient use of water resources


Water Management in Mediterranean Regions Prone to Drought: The Jucar Basin Experience

  • Current Spanish Legal Framework
  • Droughts in the Júcar Basin Agency
  • Indicators and Watch Alert Systems in the JBA
  • Analysis of Drought Events in the JBA

Criteria for Marginal Water Treatment and Reuse Under Drought Conditions

  • Potential Applications for Marginal Waters
  • Issues in Marginal Waters Utilization
  • Health Protection issues
  • Nitrogen Yield Evaluation: Issues and Recommendations
  • Wastewater Reuse System Monitoring: Issues and Recommendations
  • Guidelines for the Reuse of Marginal Water for Ground Water Recharge
  • Aquifer Characterization: Issues and Recommendations
  • Recharge Techniques: Issues and Recommendations
  • Human Health Protection: Issues and Recommendations
  • Guidelines for Marginal Water Urban Reuse
  • Guidelines for Marginal Water Industrial Reuse
  • Cost Analysis for Marginal Water Treatment
  • Development of a Web-Based Information System for Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Strategies for the Conjunctive Use of Surface and Groundwater

  • Methods of Conjunctive Use
  • Comparison between Artificial Recharge and Alternate Use
  • Other Aspects and Possibilities
  • Conjunctive Use Potential in Developing Countries
  • Analysis of Conjunctive Use Systems
  • Methods of Analysis

Optimization Model for the Conjuctive Use of Conventional and Marginal Waters

  • Identification of the Optimization Algorithm
  • The Optimization Package WARGI: Water Resources System
  • Optimization Aided by Graphical Interface
  • WARGI Graphical Interface
  • Results Applying WARGI to Real Cases

Decision Support Systems for Drought Management

  • Drought Planning
  • Drought Decision Support
  • Case Examples
  • National Drought Management Planning

Methodology for the Analysis of Drought Mitigation Measures in Water Resource Systems

  • Operative Drought
  • Time Scales and the Space Factor in the Analysis of Operative Droughts
  • Analysis, Characterization, and Monitoring of Operative Droughts
  • Methodology of the Analysis
  • The Aquatool Environment for the Development of Decision Support Systems
  • Case Studies

Droughts and the European Water Framework Directive: Implications on Spanish River Basin Districts

  • Droughts in the WFD
  • Drought Planning Legal Framework in Spain
  • Drought Management Tools
  • Drought Indicators for the Spanish Territory
  • The Júcar River Basin District

Water Reuse and Desalination at Cumunitat-Valenciana Region

  • Legislative, Territorial, and Social Framework
  • Water Situation of Comunitat-Valenciana
  • Wastewater Reuse
  • Desalination

Role of Decision Support System and Multicriteria Methods for the Assessment of Drought Mitigation Measures

  • Assessment of Drought Mitigation Measures Trough a Multicriteria Approach
  • Application of the Proposed Procedure for the Assessment of Drought Mitigation Measures to the Case Studies


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Drought Management and Planning for Water Resources
edited by Joaquin Andreu Alvarez
2005 • 264 pages • $128.95 + shipping
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