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Enforcing the Common Fisheries Policy
by Ronán J. Long

Enforcing the Common Fisheries Policy is enforced throughout the community, with discussion of its successes and failures.

Enforcing the Common Fisheries Policy includes:

  • the various rules and policies to be enforced
  • the enforcement authorities in the Member States and their activities and strategies
  • the role of the Commission and its approach to enforcement
  • new developments in fisheries control
  • the cost of enforcement
  • problem fisheries and non compliance generally


1. The Context: Overview of the Common Fisheries Policy

  • The Early Period of the Policy up to 1976
  • The Adoption of the CFP in 1983
  • Revision of Key Elements of the CFP in the 1990s

2. Fishery Enforcement and the CFP

  • The Community Fishing Industry
  • Community Legislative Competence to Regulate Fisheries and the Issue of Enforcement
  • Compliance with the CFP During the Period 1983-1992

3. A New Approach to Enforcement - The Control Regulation

  • Legislative History and Introductory Comments on the Control Regulation
  • Legal Basis, Recital and Legal Competence
  • The Control Regulation: the Management Committee Procedure
  • National Control Measures

4. Enforcing the Community Catch Registration System

  • Logbooks, Landing Declarations, Sales Notes and Take-over Declarations
  • Fishing Effort Regime
  • The Management of National Quotas

5. The Enforcement of Technical Conservation Measures, Structure and Market Measures

  • Enforcement and Technical Conservation Measures
  • The Enforcement of Certain Measures to Improve and Adjust Structures in the Fisheries Sector
  • The Common Organisation of the Market in Fishery Products

6. The Rôle of the European Commission and Some of the Issues Pertaining to the use of Sanctions in the Enforcement Process

  • The Rôle of the Commission
  • Transgression of Fisheries Law - the Issue of Sanctions

7. Quota Hopping: An Insoluble Enforcement Problem?

8. Ensuring Enforcement by Member States

  • Enforcement Litigation of the EC Treaty
  • The Soft Law Approach to Fisheries Law Enforcement and Compliance with the Control Regulation During the Period 1993-1996
  • Structural Reform and Fishery Law Enforcement

9. Financing the Enforcement of the CFP

  • Overview of the Community Budget
  • Funding Enforcement
  • Community Aid
  • The Cost-Effectiveness of Fishery Enforcement

10. Enforcing Community Rules on the Use of Large-Scale Driftnets

  • Driftnets: the International Issue
  • The Law in the European Union During the Period 1992-1998
  • Enforcing the Driftnet Regulation
  • Measures to Prohibit to Use of Driftnets by the Community Fleet as from 2001

11. New Developments in Fishery Law Enforcement

  • Satellite Technology and Fishery Law Enforcement
  • International Legal Instruments Having an Impact on High Sea Fishing

12. Conclusions

  • The Rôle of Fishery Enforcement in the CFP
  • Confronting the Enforcement Dilemma
  • Contemplating the Future of the Fishery Law Enforcement in the European Union
  • A Greater Rôle for the Industry in the Enforcement Process


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Enforcing the Common Fisheries Policy
Ronán J. Long
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