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Food Safety
Managing with the HACCP System
Second edition
by Ronald F. Cichy

This textbook presents the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) method of food safety in a systematic, understandable format.

Clearly defined terms, detailed lists of food safety responsibilities, and checklists for all control points make this a resource that can be readily put into practice in any food and beverage operation. Because it refrains from direct reference to U.S. government regulations, this textbook is highly accessible to international readers.

New information in the second edition includes:

  • Updated statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Discussion of major food allergens
  • New time-temperature control for safety of potentially hazardous foods
  • Updated sequence for hand washing and avoiding recontamination of hands
  • New information on risk-based inspections, addressing risk categories, methodologies, and the food establishment inspection report

Contents Food Safety Risk Management and the HACCP System

  • Food Safety Risk Management Program
  • The HACCP System
  • Food Establishment Risk-Based Inspections

Food Contamination and Spoilage

  • Microorganisms Responsible for Food Contamination
  • Foodborne Diseases
  • Handling a Foodborne Illness Complaint
  • Food Spoilage
  • Food Preservation
  • Preservation Methods for Various Types of Foods

The Menu Planning and Purchasing Control Points

  • The Menu Planning Control Point
  • The Purchasing Control Point
  • Checklist for Menu Planning
  • Checklist for Purchasing

The Receiving, Storage, and Issuing Control Points

  • The Receiving Control Point
  • The Storing Control Point
  • The Issuing Control Point
  • Checklist for Receiving
  • Checklist for Storing
  • Checklist for Issuing

The Preparing, Cooking, and Holding Control Points

  • The Preparing Control Point
  • The Cooking Control Point
  • The Holding Control Point
  • Checklist for Preparing
  • Checklist for Cooking
  • Checklist for Holding

The Serving Control Point

  • Traditional Table Service
  • Other Types of Food Service
  • Checklist for Serving

The Cleaning and Maintenance Control Point

  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Inventory
  • Cleaning, Maintenance and People
  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Equipment
  • Pest Control
  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Change
  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Food Safety
  • Checklist for Cleaning and Maintenance

Facilities Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Floors
  • Walls and Ceilings
  • Lighting and Ventilation
  • Dressing Rooms and Food Service Laundry Facilities
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Cleaning and Maintaining Furniture, Glass, and Decorative Items
  • Refuse Storage and Disposal
  • Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Cleaning and Maintenance in Lodging Operations
  • Facilities and Food Safety
  • Checklist for Facilities Cleaning and Maintenance


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Food Safety
Managing with the HACCP System
Second edition
by Ronald F. Cichy

2008 • 243 pages • $88.95 + shipping
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