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Handbook of Topical Antimicrobials:
Industrial Applications
in Consumer Products
and Pharmaceuticals

edited by Daryl S. Paulson

This in-depth reference explores the properties, performance, and classification of topical antimicrobial compounds. It examines the latest laboratory techniques and FDA and industry perspectives on medical, food service, and consumer product applications.

Handbook of Topical Antimicrobials offers:

  • methods to investigate effectiveness by simulating the action of the consumer, food, and medical antimicrobials in real-world conditions and environments
  • validats neutralizing systems
  • samples of microbial populations on human skin
  • developments of reliable and functional antimicrobial products
  • prevention of infections, diseases, and contamination
  • discussions on the importance of customer-valued quality attributes, such as low skin irritation and easy use
  • label claims, regulatory procedures, and quality control
  • clinical simulation protocols


  1. Overview

    • Intro to Topical Antimicrobials and Their Applications
    • Food and Drug Administration Perspective on Topical Antiseptic Drug Product Development
    • Healthcare Continuum: A Model for the Classification and Regulation of Topical
    • Antimicrobial Products

  2. Topical Antimicrobials

    • Clinical Applications of Providone-Iodine as a Topical Antimicrobial
    • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
    • Chlorhexidine Gluconate
    • Alcohols

  3. Product Applications

    • Microorganisms and Disease
    • Nosocomial Infection
    • Postsurgery Infection
    • Antimicrobial Body Washes
    • Some Aspects of Human Disease and Staphylococcus Species
    • Full-Body Shower Wash: Efficacy Evaluation of 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
    • Surgical Preparation and Site Access: Testing's Stepchild
    • Brushless Surgical Scrubbing and Handwashing
    • Fundamental Steps in Designing a Healthcare Personnel

  4. Food

    • Handwashing, Gloving, and Disease Transmission by the Food Preparer
    • Handwashing and Gloving for Food Protection: Examination of the Evidence
    • Handwashing and Gloving for Food Protection: Effectiveness
    • A Suggested Method for Evaluating Foodhandler/Processor Handwash Formulations

  5. Consumer Products

    • Appropriateness of the Healthcare Personnel Handwash Test in the Assessing
    • Efficacy of Consumer Handwashing Products
    • Development of Methods to Evaluate Efficacy of Handwashing Products for the Consumer
    • Importance of Skin Care Attributes in Developing Topical Antimicrobials

  6. Testing Methods

    • A Guide for Validation of Neutralizer Systems Used in Topical
    • Antimicrobial Efficacy Evaluations
    • Testing Methodology of Preoperative Skin Preparation and Surgical Scrub as Over-the-Counter drugs
    • Skin Sampling Techniques
    • The Need and Methods for Assessing the Activity of Topical Agents Against Viruses


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Handbook of Topical Antimicrobials
Industrial Applications in Consumer Products and Pharmaceuticals
edited by Daryl S. Paulson

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