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Landscape Ecology
Concepts, Methods, and Applications
by Fran& ccedil;oise Burel

Landscape Ecology presents an original approach to the ecology of agricultural landscapes by linking human and ecological functioning.


  • Details the concept of landscape ecology
  • Includes the dynamics and the structures of landscapes
  • Covers studies relating to ecological processes within landscapes and the applications of landscape ecology to landscape management


Definition of a Discipline

  • Emergence of Landscape Ecology in the History of Ecology
  • Recognition of Heterogeneity in Ecological Systems
  • Taking Human Activities into Account in Ecological Systems
  • Explicit Accounting for Space and Time
  • Landscape Ecology is based on Scientific Theories Linked to Ecology and Related Disciplines

Landscpe Ecology: Definition of a Multidisciplinary Approach

  • Landscape as Understood by the Ecologist
  • Landscape Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Landscape Ecology: Application of Results of Fundamental Research to Conservation Biology and Land Management

Analysis of Spatial Structures

  • Categories of Landscape Elements
  • From Sample Plots in a Wood to Woods in a Landscape
  • Typology of Patches and Corridors
  • Basic Concepts for Quantitative
  • Approaches
  • Measurement of Heterogeneity
  • Fragmentation
  • Connectedness
  • Return to Scale Dependence: Contribution of Fractal Geometry
  • Elements of Geostatistics
  • Typologies of Landscape Structures

Dynamics of Landscapes

  • Questions on Organization and Dynamics of Landscapes Stemming from Observation
  • Changes in Land use on the Global Scale
  • Regional Approaches to Changes in Land Use: Variations Depending on Modes of Measurement
  • Local Approaches to Changes in Land Cover: Importance of Spatialization
  • Dynamics of Valley Landscapes: The Water Course and its Corridors
  • Dynamics of Non-Anthropogenic Landscapes
  • Land cover and Evolving Landscapes, a General Phenomenon

Organization of Landscapes

  • Categories of Models
  • The Concept of Organization
  • Ecological Organization of Landscapes
  • From Farming Systems to Landscape Diversity
  • General Approach of Dynamics and Organization of Agrarian Landscapes
  • Landscape Dynamics and (Re) Organization: Multi-scale and Multidisciplinary Approach

The Functioning of Populations at the Landscape Level

  • Patch Theory and Functioning of Metapopulations
  • Multi-habitat Species o Movement in Landscapes
  • Landscape Dynamics and the Functioning of Populations
  • Population Models used in Landscape Ecology

Interspecific Relationships and Biodiversity in Landscapes

  • Interspecific Relationships
  • Biodiversity

Geochemical Flows in Landscapes

  • Buffer Zones
  • Erosive Phenomena and Landscape Structure
  • Transfers in Watersheds

Application of Landscape Ecology Concepts to Landscape Management and Design

  • Corridor Concept Applied to Development
  • Considering Landscape Ecology Concepts in Establishing Transportation Infrastructures
  • The Development of Rural Landscapes


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Landscape Ecology
Concepts, Methods, and Applications
by Fran& ccedil;oise Burel

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