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Managing Front Office Operations
Eighth Edition
by Michael L. Kasavana

Managing Front Office Operations provides an in-depth look at management of the front office and how this department interacts with other hotel departments to create a memorable guest experience.

The eighth edition been revised with new material on the potential impact of automated information technologies on a variety of front office functions.

Managing Front Office Operations also includes new information on:

  • revenue managers
  • how blogging and social networking affect hotels
  • manual backup procedures for automated system failure
  • identity theft prevention
  • payment card security standards
  • green hotels

In addition, important discussions of front office operations have been expanded throughout the text, especially with respect to human resources management, business forecasting, revenue management, budget planning, and front office staff interaction with sales, housekeeping, and security personnel.


1. The Loding Industry

  • The Hospitality Industry
  • Classifying Hotels
  • Buying Influences on Travelers
  • The Green Hotel

2. Hotel Organization

  • Organizational Missions
  • Hotel Organization
  • Front Office Operations

3. Front Office Operations

  • The Guest Cycle
  • Front Office Systems
  • Front Office Documents
  • The Front Desk
  • Telecommunications
  • Property Management Systems

4. Reservations

  • Reservations and Sales
  • Types of Reservations
  • Reservation Inquiries
  • Group Reservations
  • Reservation Availability
  • Reservation Records
  • Reservation Confirmation/Cancellation
  • Reservation Reports
  • Other Reservation Considerations

5. Registration

  • The Registration Process
  • Creative Registration Options
  • Selling the Guestroom
  • Denying Accommodations

6. Communications and Guest Services

  • Front Office Communications
  • Interdepartmental Communications
  • Guest Services
  • Guest Relations

7. Security and the Lodging Industry

  • Developing the Security Program
  • Management's Role in Security
  • Setting Up the Security Program
  • Security and the Law

8. Front Offce Accounting

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Creation and Maintenance of Accounts
  • Tracking Transactions
  • Internal Control
  • Settlement of Accounts

9.Check-Out and Account Settlement

  • The Check-Out and Settlement Process
  • Department Procedures
  • Check-Out Options
  • Unpaid Account Balances
  • Front Office Records

10. The Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality Operations

  • Communicating Room Status
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance
  • Indenifying Housekeeping's Responsibilities
  • Planning the Work of the Housekeeping Department
  • Supervisor Dilemma

11. The Front Office Audit

  • Functions of the Front Office Audit
  • The Front Office Audit Process
  • System Update
  • Centralized Front Office Audits

12. Planning and Evaluating Operations

  • Management Functions
  • Establishing Room Rates
  • Forecasting Room Availability
  • Budgeting for Operations
  • Evaluating Front Office Operations
  • Planning for Disasters

13. Revenue Management

  • The Concept of Revenue Management
  • Measuring Yield
  • Elements of Revenue Management
  • The Reenue Manager
  • Using Revenue Management
  • Revenue Management Software
14. Managing Human Resources

  • Recruiting
  • Selecting
  • Hiring
  • Orienting
  • Skills Training
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Staff Motivation


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Managing Front Office Operations
Eighth Edition
by Michael L. Kasavana

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