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Management Innovation in U.S. Public Water and Wastewater Systems
by Paul Seidenstat
Michael Nadol
Dean Kaplan
and Simon Hakim

Management Innovation in U.S. Public Water and Wastewater Systems is a unique guidebook of cutting-edge managerial and operational best practices currently used at a number of different municipal water and wastewater utilities.

Management Innovation in U.S. Public Water and Wastewater Systems features:

  • Numerous case histories illustrating how each innovation was developed and how the principles supporting each were put into practice
  • Establishes standards for measuring success as utilities innovate and improve
  • Evaluates financial concerns and innovations
  • Illuminates innovations in planning for future investments
  • Explores tools for customer communications and other technology concerns
  • Details state-of-the-art management strategies, including Six Sigma
Management Innovation in U.S. Public Water and Wastewater Systems will quickly become the resource that managers, CEOs, and directors of water and wastewater utility companies always have at their fingertips.


  1. Introduction and Overview
    1. Innovation Among Public Sector Water and Wastewater Systems
    2. Current Trends in Public Utility Management and Inventive Strategies for Major Challenges

  2. Setting Standards for Success
    1. Standardizing Performance Indicators for Water and Wastewater Utilities
    2. Accreditation and Quality Improvement: What’s the Financial Bottom Line?

  3. Financial Strategies
    1. Debt Management Ideas: Risks and Returns of Creative Financing in an Infrastructure-Intensive Industry
    2. Wall Street Perspectives on Management that Matters

  4. Planning and Infrastructure Issues
    1. Watershed Management Practices
    2. Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation: The Nashville Approach
    3. Natural Drainage Systems: Leading by Example

  5. Customer Involvement
    1. Incorporating the Voice of the Utility Customer: Effective Use of Utility Customer Survey Research
    2. Citizen Participation in Wastewater Projects
    3. Competitive Assessment and Change Management: The Complete Solution—Technical and Political

  6. Information Technology
    1. Getting Results from an Enterprise Geographic Information System
    2. Philadelphia’s Automatic Meter Reading Program: A Retrospective Look
    3. Development of an Integrated Capital Program Management System for the Austin Water Utility
    4. The Challenge of Merging Water Companies: Combining Data and Converting to an Enterprise ArcGIS/ArcSDE System

  7. Best Practices in Management and Leadership
    1. CitiStat: Bringing a New Level of Efficiency and Effectiveness to Baltimore City’s Water Utility
    2. Using Six Sigma to Improve Operations at the Fort Wayne Water Pollution Control Plant
    3. From “Command and Control” to a Team-Based Organization: Challenges Associated with the Reorganization of a Large Water Utility


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Management Innovation in U.S.
Public Water and Wastewater Systems

by Paul Seidenstat, Michael Nadol,
Dean Kaplan, and Simon Hakim

2005 • 331 pages • $139.00 + shipping
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