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MIMO System Technology and Wireless Communications
edited by George Tsoulos

MIMO System Technology and Wireless Communications assembles coverage on all aspects of MIMO technology along with up-to-date information on key related issues.


  • Surveys all the major concepts, technology aspects, and related issues involved in MIMO systems
  • Addresses important areas not covered in other books, such as antenna and deployment issues
  • Builds systematically and gradually from basic to more advanced topics, from theory to practical issues and applications
  • Provides examples for MIMO system development and key issues affecting achieved performance
  • Includes abundant references to more in-depth information in each chapter along with numerous tables and illustrations


Spatio-Temporal Propagation Modeling

  • Directional Channel Modeling
  • MIMO Propagation Modeling

Theory and Practice of MIMO Wireless Communication Systems

  • Shannon's Capacity Formula
  • Extended Capacity Formula for MIMO Channels
  • Remarks in the Extended Shannon Capacity Formula
  • Capacity of SIMO-MISO Channels
  • Stochastic Channels
  • MIMO Capacity with Rice-Rayleigh Channels
  • Simulations

Information Theory and Electromagnetism: Are They Related

  • MIMO Channel Capacity
  • The Laws of Electromagnetism
  • Spatial Capacity and Correlation
  • Spatial Sampling and MIMO Capacity
  • MIMO Capacity of Waveguide Channels
  • Spatial Capacity of Waveguide Channels

Introduction to Space-Time Coding

  • MIMO System and Space-Time Coding
  • Space-Time Block Codes
  • Space-Time Trellis Codes
  • Spatial Multiplexing
  • Space-Time Coding with CSI Knowledge at the Transmitter
  • Other Space-Time Coding Schemes

Feedback Techniques for MIMO Channels

  • Feedback Techniques for MIMO Channels

Antenna Selection in MIMO Systems

  • MIMO System Model
  • Spatial Multiplexing
  • Space-Time Codes
  • SIMO Systems
  • Implementing Antenna Selection: Criteria and Algorithms
  • Performance with Non-Idealities
  • Antenna Selection with Spatial Correlation

Performance of Multi-User Spatial Multiplexing with Measured Channel Data

  • Abstract
  • The Multiple-User MIMO Channel
  • Multi-User MIMO Transmission Schemes
  • Channel Measurements
  • Performance Results

Multiuser MIMO for UTRA FDD

  • UTRA Framework
  • Present Multiantenna Methods in UTRA FDD
  • MIMO in UTRA FDD Uplink
  • MIMO in UTRA FDD Downlink

Multifunctional Reconfigurable Microelectro-Mechanical Systems Integrated Antennas For Multiple Input Multiple Output Systems

  • MRA Concept and Its Links with MIMO Systems
  • RF MEMS Technology Compatible with Microwave Laminates for Fabricating MRAs
  • RF MEMS Integrated Antennas

Multi-Antenna Testbeds for Wireless Communications

  • Testbed Classification
  • Elements of a Successful Testbed
  • Hardware Calibration
  • Field Test Administration
  • Field Test Results

Gigabit Mobile Communications Using Real-Time MIMO-OFDM Signal Processing

  • Implementation Concept
  • A Code-Multiplexed Preamble
  • Channel Estimation
  • Adaptation to the Time-Variant Channel
  • Data Reconstruction
  • Framing, Mapping, Channel Coding, and Real-Time Data Interface
  • Implementation, Complexity, and System Integration
  • Transmission Experiments

Network Planning and Deployment Issues for MIMO Systems

  • Network Planning
  • Deployment
  • Smart Antenna Planning Example


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MIMO System Technology and Wireless Communications
edited by George Tsoulos
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