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Noise and Its Effects
by Linda M. Luxon

Noise and Its Effects benefits from a plethora of international experts from a wide variety of disciplines who have contributed to the knowledge base in this area.

Noise and Its Effects gives an overview for the novice in the field, which providing a broad background across a range of disciplines for individual experts to use as a reference on a topic other that their own—medical, legal and social.

Noise and Its Effects has been liberally illustrated to facilitate appreciation of the key points discussed.


  1. Physical characteristics of sound
  2. Measurement of noise
  3. Interactions between noise exposure and ageing: peripheral and central auditory systems
  4. Interaction of noise-induced hearing loss and ageing: epidemiological aspects
  5. Cochlear pathophysiology in response to hazardous noise
  6. Functional changes in the central auditory system after noise-induced cochlear damage
  7. Factors determining an individual’s susceptibility to noise damage
  8. Measurement of hearing thresholds
  9. Noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus in children – a matter of diagnostic criteria?
  10. Clinical diagnosis of noise-induced hearing loss
  11. Disability assessment in noise-induced hearing loss
  12. Tinnitus and external sounds
  13. The effects of blast on the ear
  14. Interaction of noise, general medical disorders and state of health with hearing
  15. Methodology and value of databases: an individual hearing conservation programme
  16. Environmental noise: a contextual public health perspective
  17. Estimating the risk of hearing impairment due to impulse noise exposure
  18. Occupational noise
  19. Military noise-induced hearing loss
  20. The hazardous aspects of music
  21. Organic solvent exposures and occupational hearing loss
  22. Noise hazards in the medical environment
  23. Stress effects of noise
  24. Stress and noise – the psychological/physiological perspective and current limitations
  25. Noise and cognitive performance in children and adults
  26. Noise and sleep
  27. Measurements, standards and laws
  28. Preventing hearing loss by sound conditioning
  29. Industrial noise control
  30. Hearing protectors
  31. Audiological rehabilitation programmes and the ICF
  32. Target groups in prevention of health effects from listening to music
  33. Agencies involved with noise


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Noise and Its Effects
by Linda M. Luxon
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