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Nutrition for Foodservice Managers
Concepts, Applications, and Management by Mahmood A. Khan

Nutrition for Foodservice Managers provides a thorough understanding of nutritional concepts and applications in management and foodservice operations. An excellent textbook, and a great hands-on reference for foodservice managers in all types of commercial and institutional foodservice operations.

Nutrition and Foodservice Management: Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The Food Guide Pyramid. The Importance of Nutrition. The Functions of Nutrients. The Physiology of Nutrition. Consumer Food Habits and Preferences in Relation to Nutrition.
Proteins: The Function of Proteins. Dietary Protein Needs. Food Sources of Proteins. Proteins in Foodservice Operations.
Carbohydrates: The Functions of Carbohydrates. Types of Carbohydrates Sources of Carbohydrates. The Impact of Food Preparation on Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates and Health. Recommended Dietary Fiber Intake. The Role of Carbohydrates in Food Preparation.
Lipids: Fats and Oils: The Function of Lipids. Types of Lipids. Lipids in Foods. Fats and Oils in Foodservice. Fats and Oils in Food Preparation.
Fat-Soluble Vitamins: Introduction. Classification of Vitamins. Vitamin A. Vitamin D. Vitamin E. Vitamin K.
Water-Soluble Vitamins: Thiamin. Riboflavin. Niacin. Vitamin B6. Folacin. Vitamin B12. Biotin. Pantothenic Acid. Vitamin C. Nonvitamins.
Minerals: Factors That Increase the Bioavailability of Minerals. Factors That Decrease the Bioavailability of Minerals. Functions of Minerals. Macrominerals. Trace Elements.
Water and Electrolytes: Water. Electrolytes. Sodium. Potassium.
Nutritional Recipe Development: Energy Needs of the Human Body. Estimating the Use of Energy by the Body. Calculating the Energy Value of Foods. Computerized Nutrient Analysis.
Nutritional Menu Planning: Basic Considerations in Nutritional Menu Planning. The Food Guide Pyramid and Menu Planning. The Mechanics of Menu Planning Using the Food Guide Pyramid. Possible Substitutions of Menu Items to Meet Dietary Guidelines. Nutritional Analysis of Menus. Menu Format.
Food and Nutrition Labeling: Serving Size. Nutrition Panel Components. Nutrition Panel Format. Nutrition Panel Footnote. Daily Values-DRVs. Daily Values-RDIs. Nutrient Content Descriptors. Other Definitions. Health Claims. Ingredient Labeling. The Food Label and the Food Guide Pyramid. Exemptions and Special Labeling Requirements. Food Labeling and Restaurants.
Food Purchasing and Storage: The Nutritional Point of View: Purchasing Decisions. Specifications. Regulatory Agencies. The Purchase of Specific Commodities. Receiving and Storage. Storage Areas.
Food Preparation and Nutrient Retention: General Guidelines. Meat Cookery. Vegetable and Fruit Cookery. Salad Preparation. Preparation of Baked Foods, Desserts, and Grain Products. Nutrient Losses in Foodservice Operations.
Special Diets and Nutritional Needs: Nutrition During Pregnancy. Nutrition During Lactation. Nutrition During Childhood and Adolescence. Nutrition for the Elderly. Nutrition for Athletes. Nutrition for Vegetarians. Nutrition and Special Diets.
Management and Marketing from a Nutritional Point of View: Human Resource Management. Training. Marketing a Nutritionally Healthy Menu. Promoting Nutrition.
Appendices: Retention of Nutrients. Dietary Fiber Contents of Foods. Nutrient Composition of Foods.
Glossary. Index.

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Nutrition for Foodservice Managers
Concepts, Applications, and Management
by Mahmood A. Khan

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