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Nutrient Management in Agricultural Watersheds
A Wetlands Solution
edited by E.J. Dunne

Nutrient Management in Agricultural Watersheds covers:

  • aspects of water quality within agricultural watersheds
  • management practices to mitigate contaminant and nutrient loss from agriculture
  • wetland biogeochemistry
  • wetland functions and values within agricultural dominated landscapes
  • case studies of wetlands used to retain nutrient and contaminant loss from agriculture
  • management and policy issues concerning wetlands

Nutrient Management in Agricultural Watersheds provides a good interdisciplinary synthesis of international experiences both in Europe and the USA on the use of wetlands within agricultural watersheds.


Diffuse loss of nutrients and contaminants from agriculture

  • Water quality in Ireland - diffuse agricultural eutrophication - a key problem
  • Soil hydrology as a factor in diffuse phosphorus pollution
  • Flow effects on phosphorus loss in overland flow
  • Effects of runoff from agricultural catchments on fishpond water chemistry:
  • A long-term study from Trˇebonˇ fishponds
  • Assessment of landscape efficiency in matter retention in submontane agricultural catchments of the Czech Republic

Functions and values of wetlands within agricultural landscapes

  • Wetlands of Ireland - An overview: diversity, ecosystem services and utilization
  • Wetland functions and values in agricultural watersheds: an American perspective
  • Wetland restoration within agricultural watersheds: balancing water quality protection with habitat conservation
  • Watershed management and Reelfoot Lake: The role of wetlands
  • Spatially distributed isolated wetlands for watershed-scale treatment of agricultural runoff

Wetland biogeochemistry

  • Nitrogen cycling in wetland systems
  • Phosphorus biogeochemistry of wetlands in agricultural watersheds

Wetlands, water quality and agriculture

  • Retention of soil particles and phosphorus in small constructed wetlands in agricultural watersheds
  • Constructed wetlands to remove nitrate
  • Constructed wetlands to retain contaminants and nutrients, specifically phosphorus from farmyard dirty water in Southeast Ireland
  • The use of constructed wetlands with horizontal sub-surface flow for treatment of agricultural drainage waters together with sewage
  • Wetlands for treatment of nutrient laden runoff from agricultural lands: models and stormwater treatment area 1W, as a case study for protection of the Everglades ecosystem, USA
  • Treatment wetlands for removing phosphorus from agricultural drainage waters

Integrated constructed wetlands in Ireland

  • The concept, design and performance of integrated constructed wetlands for the treatment of farmyard dirty water
  • Integrated constructed wetlands: regulatory policy and practical experience in an Irish planning context
  • Integrated constructed wetlands for farmyard dirty water treatment: a site suitability assessment
  • Water treatment performance and environmental impact of integrated constructed wetlands in the Anne valley watershed, Ireland

Constructed wetlands and water quality

  • The relationship between plant vigour and ammonium concentrations in surface waters of constructed wetlands used to treat meat industry wastewaters in Ireland
  • A small-scale constructed wetland to treat different types of wastewaters
  • Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in Europe
  • Microbiological studies on an integrated constructed wetland used for treatment of agricultural wastewaters

Policy and management of constructed wetland to treat single household and farm-scale wastewaters in Ireland

  • Wetlands for the management of soiled water: a perspective from the Department of Agriculture and Food, Ireland
  • Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in rural communities
  • Cost effective management of soiled water from agricultural systems in Ireland

Final discussion

  • Panel summary and concluding remarks


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Nutrient Management in Agricultural Watersheds
A Wetlands Solution
edited by E.J. Dunne

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