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Performance Recording of Animals
State of the Art 2004
edited by M. Guellouz

Performance Recording of Animals presents advancing new technical standards for identification, performance testing, as well as a discussion of global priorities for livestock management.


  • The latest genetic improvement techniques for the global dairy industry
  • The potential to create an international beef evaluation system
  • New tools to improve the fertility of dairy cows


Keynote presentations

  • Animal production in Tunisia
  • New services for sustainable animal farming
  • Animal recording for low to medium input production systems
  • The role of breeders organisations in the BSE crisis

Morphology evaluation and recording of functional traits

  • The use of direct udder scanning to evaluate udder cistern size in dairy cows
  • Image analysis and udder linear trait classification in dairy ewes
  • Technical assistance developments for fertility problems for Tunisian livestock systems: AIA and OEP cooperation
  • Genetic analyses of fertility parameters and their relations to milk yield of Holstein-Friesian cows in Tunisia
  • Use of the fat tail and body scores to estimate lamb weights in fat tailed meat sheep

Performance recording for small ruminants

  • Constraints and challenges of growth recording in meat sheep
  • Minimum sequential records to adequately fit growth curve in fat-tailed Barbarine lambs and implications on genetic evaluation
  • Current challenge for milk recording in dairy sheep and goats: the simplification of milk sampling design for chemical composition and somatic cell counts of milk
  • Milk recording for goats and dairy cattle in France: Individual qualification of the lactation
  • The Sicilo Sarde dairy sheep in Tunisia: threats and strength
  • Prediction of daily and total lactation milk yield of the Chios sheep from single milking records
  • Evaluation and definition of reference lactation length in Chios dairy sheep

Performance recording of beef traits

  • A new information system for beef performance recording in France
  • Implementing a PDA based field recording system for beef cattle in Ireland
  • Organisation of beef cattle recording and breeding in Hungary
  • L’utilisation de PDA pour collecter les données du contrôle de performances des aptitudes bouchères
  • Advances in using nationally recorded data to address breeding objectives in beef cattle breeding

Performance recording of dairy cattle

  • Study of the milk somatic cell count in Tunisian dairy herds
  • Official milk recording with automatic milking systems: the italian situation
  • Methods of milk recording for 3-, 4-, and 6-times daily milking in Germany
  • Trends in milk recording of the Holstein breed in Brazil
  • Argentine genetic evaluation. Results of bull performance
  • Future changes in the organization of milk yield recording in Spain
  • Organization of milk recording and milk quality control in Croatia

Scientific presentations

  • pH – A useful by-product in infrared analysis for DHI quality assurance
  • Simplification of milk recording in dairy cattle for low input systems
  • Detection of consequences of NEB based on milk production records of Dutch Black-and-White Holsteins
  • Comparison of protocols to estimate 24 hour percent fat and protein
  • Changes in milk yield and milk composition as a consequence of the omission of one milking weekly in dairy cows
  • Benefits from daily milk recording data
  • Milk Recording: a comparison of the T, Z and standard methods (Z = Milk yield recorded on 2 milkings and the Contents on one alternate milking)
  • Dairy cattle performance recording in the context of integrated farming
  • Modelling lactation curves for Irish dairy cows
  • Deep frozen raw milk standards. The way from reference methods to reference systems

Presentation of Sub-Committees, Task Force and Working Groups

  • Report of the activities of Sub Committees, Task Force and Working Groups
  • Report of the Sub-Committee on Animal Identification
  • Report of the ICAR Working Group on Animal Recording Data
  • Report from Meters & Jars Sub Committee
  • Report of the ICAR Working Group on Lactation Calculation Methods
  • ICAR Working Group on Milk Testing Laboratories: Biennial report of activities in 2002-2003
  • Report of the Conformation Recording Working Group
  • Report of the ICAR Working Group on Functional Traits
  • Report on activities of the ICAR Beef Group
  • Interbull Report for 2002 and 2003
  • ICAR Working Group on AI and other relevant technologies. Summary Report 2003-2004
  • Report of the Working Group on milk recording of sheep
  • Report of the Working Group on Goat Milk Recording
  • Report of the Genetic Analysis Working Group (GAWG)

Mixed session with emphasis on traceability and animal health recording

  • Establishing a shared cattle breeding database: Recent experiences in Ireland
  • Milk recording logistics
  • The use of ICAR test procedures for electronic animal identification
  • Implementation of animal identification and registration system with farm products traceability
  • Results of the IDEA project on cattle, sheep and goats in Spain
  • Comparison of current costs of using conventional and electronic identification for sheep and goats in Spain
  • Harmonised protocol for the evaluation of milk analysers and their international approval for milk recording
  • Quarter milk flow patterns: possible effect on SCC
  • Development of a Hanwoo (Korean Brown; a beef cattle) tracing system using RF technology in Korea


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Performance Recording of Animals
State of the Art 2004
edited by M. Guellouz

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