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Performance Functional Foods

edited by David H. Watson

Performance Functional Foods presents up-to-date information on 'performance' functional foods which affect mood and mental and physical performance. It consolidates the research on the complex links between nutrition, functional ingredients such as herbs, mood and cognitive performance.

Features of Performance Functional Foods:

  • reviews the range of ingredients used in 'performance' functional foods
  • summarises research on the complex links between nutrition, functional ingredients, mood and cognitive performance
  • edited by a leading authority in the field and with contributions from experts worldwide
  • essential reading for all concerned with functional foods

After an introductory review of market trends, chapter two discusses recent research on the interactions between food, stress and mood, looking in particular at the role of carbohydrates.

Chapter three reviews current evidence for the impact of a number of nutrients and herbal ingredients on mood and cognitive performance, including herbs such as St John's wort and kava kava. It then discusses the range of medicinal plants that have been associated with improvements in mental and physical performance.

The following chapters then look in more detail at particular topics including phyto-oestrogens and cognitive function, the functional benefits of ginseng, ginkgo biloba and Alzheimer's disease, polyphenols and, finally, the impact of caffeine on mental performance and mood.


  1. Introduction

  2. Interactions between stress, food and mood

    • Brain mechanisms involved in mood
    • Food, the brain and mood
    • Carbohydrates and mood
    • Interactions between stress, food and mood

  3. Mood, cognitive function, nutritional and other supplements

    • B vitamins
    • Antioxidants
    • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
    • Phospholipids
    • Other nutritional factors
    • Herbal and other supplements

  4. Range of medicinal plants influencing mental and physical performance

    • Medicinal plants, mental and physical performance
    • Functions of medicinal plants on mental and physical performance
    • Effects of medicinal plants on mental and physical performance
    • Concerns about the safety and quality of medicinal plants

  5. Phyto-oestrogens and cognitive function

    • Cognitive function
    • Conventional hormone replacement therapy and cognition
    • Phyto-oestrogens
    • Effects on cognitive function: animal studies
    • Effects on cognitive function: human studies

  6. Ginseng

    • Chemistry of ginseng
    • Detection and extraction of bioactive components from ginseng
    • Bioactivity and metabolism of ginseng extracts
    • Anti-stress and cognitive performance properties
    • Immunological and antioxidant properties
    • Bioactivity of specific ginsenosides
    • Non-ginsenoside bioactivity
    • The safety of ginseng
    • Quality control and use in food

  7. Ginkgo biloba and Alzheimer's disease

    • Chemistry
    • Functional effects
    • Role in managing Alzheimer's disease
    • Safety issues

  8. Functional ingredients in sports drinks

    • Challenges of athletic performance
    • Formulation of sports drinks: carbohydrate content
    • Formulation of sports drinks: osmolality
    • Formulation of sports drinks: electolyte composition and concentration
    • Formulation of sports drinks: flavouring components
    • Future trends: other active ingredients

  9. Pharmacological functions of green tea polyphenols

    • Antibacterial activity
    • Antiviral activity
    • Antioxidant functions

  10. Caffeine, mental performance and mood

    • Sources of caffeine and consumption patterns
    • Chemistry and pharmacology
    • Biological mechanism of action and dependence
    • Psychomotor performance
    • Cognitive performance
    • The caffeine deprivation (withdrawal relief) hypothesis
    • Mood
    • Reinforcing properties of caffeine
    • Challenges to the caffeine deprivation hypothesis


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Performance Functional Foods
edited by David H. Watson
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