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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Second Edition
edited by Michael J. Groves

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology explores the development of protein-based therapeutic substances.


  • Provides a working knowledge of the preparation, stability, and formulation of protein and peptide drugs
  • Examines the successful evolution of humanized monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases
  • Considers the currently disappointing results of genetic engineering and genomics that have isolated disease-responsible genes without significant clinical effect to date
  • Looks at the market and scientific reasons behind the failure of many biotechnology products to live up to their hype
  • Discusses regulatory and compendial issues and concludes with a look at future challenges facing biotechnology



  • Protein Structure
  • Protein Biosynthesis
  • Protein Modification
  • Protein Stability

Recombinant DNA Basics

  • The Uses of Recombinant DNA
  • Gel Electrophoresis
  • Nucleic Acid Hybridization Assays
  • The Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Constructing Recombinant DNA Molecules
  • Engineering Protein Sequences
  • Examples of Applied Recombinant DNA Technology

Monoclonal Antibodies

  • What are Monoclonal Antibodies?
  • Applications of Monoclonal Antibodies
  • The Generation of Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Production Methods
  • Pharmaceutical, Regulatory, and Commercial Aspects

Proteomics: A New Emerging Area of Biotechnology

  • What is a Proteome
  • Technologies for Proteomics
  • Protein Identification
  • Bioinformatics
  • DNA and Protein Microarray Technologies
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications of Proteomics

Commonly Used Analytical Techniques for Biotechnology Products

  • Analytical Tools for Proteins
  • Spectroscopic and Photometric Methods
  • Chromatographic Methods
  • Electrophoresis
  • Bioassays

Formulation of Proteins and Peptides

  • Making Small Protein Particles: Precipitation of Proteins from Supercritical Fluids
  • Parenteral Drug Delivery Systems
  • Drug Delivery through the Skin
  • Multiphase Drug Delivery Systems
  • Protein Compaction
  • Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems
  • Inclusion Compounds and Cyclodextrins as Delivery Systems

Proteins as Drug Delivery Systems

  • Collagen
  • Gelatin
  • Albumin Microparticles

Proteins and Phospholipids

  • Structural Properties of Phospholipids
  • Injectable Lipid Emulsions
  • Formulation and Preparation
  • The Physical State of Phospholipid-Stabilized Emulsions
  • Peptides and Phospholipids
  • Cochleal Phospholipids Structures

Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems for Biomacromolecules

  • The Pulmonary Route of Drug Delivery
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Respiratory System
  • Lipid-Based Pulmonary Delivery
  • Solid Colloidal Particles
  • Poly(dl-lactide-co-glycolide)
  • Polycyanoacrylates
  • Gelatin
  • Poly(ether-anhydrides)
  • Diketopiperazine Derivatives
  • Polyethyleneimine (PEI)-DNA Complexes
  • Poly(ethylene glycol) Conjugates
  • Factors Affecting Pulmonary Dosing

Polymeric Systems for Oral Proten and Peptide Delivery

  • Polymers Used for Controlled Drug Delivery

Vaccines: Ancient Medicines to Modern Therapeutics

  • Requirements of an Ideal Vaccine for Today
  • Types of Modern Vaccines
  • Emerging Vaccine Types
  • The Immune System and Mechanisms of Action
  • Types of Immune Defense Mechanisms
  • The Mucosal System
  • Vaccine Adjuvants
  • Modern Microparticulate Vaccine Vehicles
  • The Future of Vaccines and Vaccination

Gene Therapy: An Overview of Current Viral and Non-Viral Vectors

  • Gene Delivery Systems

Regulatory and Compendial Issues

  • The FDA
  • The United States Pharmacopeia

Some Challenges Relating to the Future of Biopharmaceutical Technology

  • Examples of Essential Biopharmaceuticals
  • Other Expensive Drug Therapies
  • Pharmacoeconomics and Value for Money
  • Generic Biotechnological Drug Issues
  • Alternatives to Protein Biologics
  • Gene Engineering


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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Second Edition
edited by Michael J. Groves

2005 432 pages $158.95 + shipping
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