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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Handbook
Production and Processes
edited by
Shayne Cox Gad

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Handbook: Production and Processes contains everything you need to know to manufacture high-quality pharmaceuticals safely and efficiently!

From the building of a facility to dosage and delivery forms to tablet production, this handbook covers the full range of topics to help you understand and apply the methods needed to manufacture drugs safely and efficiently.

Thoroughly up to date, the handbook also examines the emerging role of nanotechnology in the development and manufacture of drugs and medical devices. Comprehensive in its presentation, this reference includes an entire section dedicated to the economics and business strategies of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

This handbook provides the information and tools you need to design, implement, operate,and troubleshoot a pharmaceutical manufacturing system.

Among the key topics covered are:

  • Radiopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Clean facility design, construction, and maintenance
  • Controlled-release dosage forms
  • Biodegradable nanoparticles
  • Tablet production systems
  • Cyclodextrin-based nanomaterials in the pharmaceutical field


Section 1: Manufacturing Specialties

  • Biotechnology-Derived Drug Product Development
  • Regulatory Considerations in Approval on Follow-On Protein Drug Products
  • Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Section 2: Aseptic Processing

  • Sterile Product Manufacturing

Section 3: Facility

  • From Pilot Plant to Manufacturing: Effect of Scale-Up on Operation of Jacketed Reactors
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Clean-Facility Design, Construction, and Maintenance Issues

Section 4: Normal Dosage Forms

  • Solid Dosage Forms
  • Semisolid Dosages: Ointments, Creams, and Gels
  • Liquid Dosage Forms

Section 5: New Dosage Forms

  • Controlled-Release Dosage Forms
  • Progress in the Design of Biodegradable Polymer-Based Microspheres for Parenteral Controlled Delivery of Therapeutic Peptide/Protein
  • Liposomes and Drug Delivery
  • Biodegradable Nanoparticles
  • Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae as New Drug Delivery System to Gut: In Vitro Validation and Oral Formulation
  • Nasal Delivery of Peptide and Nonpeptide Drugs
  • Nasal Powder Drug Delivery
  • Aerosol Drug Delivery
  • Ocular Drug Delivery
  • Microemulsions as Drug Delivery Systems
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery
  • Vaginal Drug Delivery

Section 6: Tablet Production

  • Pharmaceutical Preformulation: Physicochemical Properties of Excipients and Powers and Tablet Characterization
  • Role of Preformulation in Discovery and Development: Pharmaceutics of Solid Dosage Forms
  • Tablet Design
  • Tablet Production Systems
  • Controlled Release of Drugs from Tablet Coatings
  • Tablet Compression
  • Effects of Grinding in Pharmaceutical Tablet Production
  • Oral Extended-Release Formulations

Section 7: Role of Nanotechnology

  • Cyclodextrin-Based Nanomaterials in Pharmaceutical Field
  • Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Nanosystems: Manufacture, Characterization, and Safety
  • Oil-in-Water Nanosized Emulsions: Medical Applications


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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Handbook
Production and Processes
edited by
Shayne Cox Gad

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