Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Regulation Book
from C.H.I.P.S.

The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Process
edited by Ira R. Berry

Providing in-depth coverage of the procedures utilized by pharmaceutical companies for regulatory compliance, The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Process covers the history and development of regulations, standards, and guidelines that affect pharmaceutical product approval and commercial sale in the United States. This authoritative guide addresses the complex web of regulatory requirements, application processes, and quality control issues influencing the pharmaceutical industry.

Demonstrates how the FDA monitors and ensures pharmaceutical product safety and efficacy.

Offering critical information in every chapter, this guide

  • Clarifies requirements for the preparation of product submissions in compliance with regulatory standards
  • Details current efforts to streamline the regulatory process-including a specific example applicable to antibiotic products
  • Covers the processes and issues related to the approval process for registration of prescription, generic, and over-the-counter drugs
  • Considers patent issues, as well as the registration of pharmaceutical products
  • Contains clinical research requirements for new drug applications
  • Anticipates changes that may be required in the manufacturing process after the product application is approved
  • Compares regulations for biological and pharmaceutical chemical products


  1. Pharmaceutical Regulation Before and After the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
  2. New Drug Approval Process: Before and After 1962
  3. FDA Regulation of Biological Products
  4. Generic Drug Approval Process: Pre-1984 History Concerning Generic Drugs
  5. Generic Drug Approval Process: Post 1984: Waxman-Hatch Reform
  6. Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act
  7. FDA Antibiotic Regulatory Scheme: Then and Now
  8. Pioneer and Generic Drugs: Balance Between Product Life Cycle
  9. The Influence of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act on the Approval Process
  10. Clinical Research Requirements for New Drug Applications

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Obtaining Approval of a New Drug
  • Obtaining Approval of a Generic Drug
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice and the Drug Approval Process
  • CMC Post-Approval Regulatory Affairs: Constantly Managing Change
  • The Influence of the USP on the Drug Approval Process
  • Ways and Means to U.S. Registration of Foreign Drugs
  • Common Technical Document-Quality (M4-Q): One Regulatory Participant's Perspective
  • 21 CFR Part 11: Compliance and Beyond
  • Marketing and Advertising Promotion: The Impact of Government Regulations
  • Approval and Marketing of Nonprescription or OTC Human Drugs


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    Introduction to the Pharmaceutical
    Regulatory Process

    edited by Ira R. Berry
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