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Photostability of Drugs and Drug Formulations
Second Edition edited by
Hanne Hjorth Tonnesen


  • Assists non-experts in this field design a test protocol and interpret the results
  • Covers in vitro and in vivo aspects of interactions between drugs and light
  • Explores the kinetic and chemical aspects of drug photodecomposition
  • Discusses the problems frequently encountered in photochemical stability testing
  • Provides guidance on how to address photosafety assessments and labeling requirements of potentially photoreactive drugs
  • Highlights the practical implications of drug photodecomposition from a pharmaceutical viewpoint
  • Offers specific guidance in photostability testing and screening of drug photoreactivity

Providing the guidance needed for formulation, handling, and quality control of photolabile drugs, Photostability of Drugs and Drug Formulations explores the significance of new information on drug photoreactivity in a pharmaceutical context. Completely revised and updated, with chapter authors drawn from an international panel of experts, the book supplies the background necessary for planning standardized photochemical stability studies as a part of drug development and formulation work. It contains comprehensive coverage of the physical and chemical aspects of drug photoreactivity, formulation, stability testing, and drug design/discovery in one resource.

The contents have been reorganized to focus on the standardization of photostability testing of drug substances and products, in vitro photoreactivity screening of drugs, and various aspects of the formulation of photoreactive substances. The information on in vitro screening of drug photoreactivity should be of great relevance for scientists who are developing and validating a set of testing protocols to address photosafety. Discussing kinetic and chemical aspects of drug photodecomposition as well as the practical problems frequently encountered in photochemical stability testing, the book helps you design a test protocol and interpret the results.


  1. Introduction: Photostability Testing of Drugs and Drug Formulations - Why and How?
  2. Photophysical and Photochemical Aspects of Drug Stability
  3. Standardization of Kinetic Studies of Photodegradation Reactions
  4. Rationalizing the Photochemistry of Drugs
  5. Technical Requirements and Equipment for Photostability Testing
  6. Photostability Testing: Design and Interpretation of Tests on New Drug Substances and Dosage Forms
  7. The Questions Most Frequently Asked
  8. Inconsistencies and Deficiencies Which Exist in the Current Official Regulations Concerning the Photolytic Degradation of Drugs
  9. Benefits and Adverse Effects from the Combination of Drugs and Light
  10. In Vitro Screening of the Photoreactivity of Antimalarials. A Test Case
  11. Screening of Dyes, Drugs and Dietary Supplements for Ocular Phototoxicity
  12. Photochemical and Photophysical Methods Used in the Study of Drug Photoreactivity
  13. Addressing the Problem of Light Instability During Formulation Development
  14. Photostability of Parenteral Products
  15. Photoactivated Drugs and Drug Formulations
  16. Formulation Approaches for Improving Solubility and its Impact on Drug Photostability

Appendix 1: Useful Terms and Expressions in the Photoreactivity Testing of Drugs
Appendix 2: Relevant Literature on the Photostability of Specific Drug Substances and Drug Formulations

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Photostability of Drugs
and Drug Formulations 2nd Edition

by Hanne Hjorth Tonnesen
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