Phytochemicals Reference Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Phytochemicals as Bioactive Agents

edited by Wayne Bidlack, Stanley Omaye, Mark Meskin, and Debra Topham

Phytochemicals as Bioactive Agents focuses on the mechanisms of action of phytochemicals identified as displaying bioactivity in the prevention of cancer, heart disease and other dieases, and the prospects for developing functional foods containing these bioactive compounds.

An internationally recognized group of experts presents the latest research findings on:

  • The antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic effects of tea and tea constituents
  • Chemoprevention provided by plants in the family Cruciferae and genus Allium by altering carcinogen metabolism
  • Anticarcinogenic effects of carotenoids and curcumins
  • The chemistry and application of alfalfa saponins
  • The bioactive components of rice bran and rice oil
  • The effects of garlic on lowering serum cholesterol
  • Using phytochemicals to optimize gastrointestinal tract health and function.

Also included are chapters on:

  • Strategies to identify bioactive phytochemicals in foods
  • The design, conduct and interpretation of clinical trials to test phytochemicals for expected bioactivity
  • Compounds that have potential use as phytochemical antimicrobial agents (PAM) in food processing
  • Designing bioactive functional foods

This book will be of interest to food scientists and technologists, food process engineers, biochemists, nutritionists, public health professionals, and entrepreneurs involved in the design, processing, and marketing of new functional food products.

Latest information on:

  • Evaluating phytochemical mechanisms of action
  • Compound characteristics and their metabolism in the body
  • Phytochemicals and their integrated role in disease prevention and health


  1. Strategies for the Discovery of Bioactive Phytochemicals
    Strategies for Choosing a Plant Species or Plant Tissue
    Tools for Determination of Active Compounds from a Plant
  2. QSAR and Molecular Modeling of Bioactive Phyto-Phenolics
    Lignans and Tannins as Antiviral and Anti-Tumor Agents
    Isoflavonoids as Phytoestrogens and Flavonoids as Antiestrogens
    Antioxidant Phenolics: Physicochemical Properties
    WSAR Analysis of the Antioxidant Activities of Vitamin E Analogs
    Curcumin and Related Compounds as Blockers of Signal Transduction in Inhibition of Tumor Promotion
  3. Chemoprevention by Phytochemical Modifiers of Carcinogen Metabolism
    Isothiocyanates and Glucosinolates
    Inhibition of Carcinogenesis By Isothiocyanates, Glucosinolates, and Cruciferous Vegetables
    Thiols of Allium Plants
  4. Clinical Trial Design for Evaluating Phytochemical Bioactivity
    Clinical Trial: A Definition
    Fundamental Principles
    Regulatory Issues
    The Clinical Trial Protocol
    Outcome Variables
    Study Design
    Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
    Blinding and Controls
    Special Considerations for Investigations of Phytochemicals in Foods
    Sample Size and Power
    Seek Expert Advice
  5. The Use of Fermentable Fibers to Manage the Gastrointestinal Ecosystem
    The Gastrointestinal Tract is an Ecosystem
    Components of the GIT Ecosystem
    Gastrointestinal Functions
    Management Tools
    Fermentable Fibers
    Managing the Mature GIT
    Managing the Developing GIT
    Managing the Senescent GIT
    Managing Recovery of the GIT
  6. Phytoantimicrobial (PAM) Agents as Multifunctional Food Additives
    PAM from Oils
    PAM from Spices
    PAM from Fruits and Vegetables
    PAM from Herbs
    PAM—Thiosulfinates from Garlic
    PAM—Polyphenols from Tea
  7. The Protective Effect of Tea on Cancer: Human Evidence
    The Chemistry of Tea
    Laboratory Studies on the Preventive Effects of Tea on Cell Mutation
    Laboratory Studies on the Inhibition of Tumorigenesis and Carcinogenesis
    Suggested Mechanisms for Inhibition of Tumorigenesis and Carcinogenesis by Tea Phytochemicals
    Epidemiological Evidence
    Clinical Intervention Trials
  8. Effect of Genistein on Growth of Human Breast Cancer Cells In Vitro and In Vivo
    Anti-Proliferative Effects of Genistein
    Estrogenic Activity of Genistein
    Estrogenic Activity of Genistein
    Genistein, Estrogen, and Breast Cancer—An Issue of dosage and Timing
  9. Cancer Prevention by Carotenoids and Curcumin
    Anti-Carcinogenic Activity of Natural Carotenoids
    Anti-Carcinogenic Activity of Curcumin
  10. Alfalfa Saponins: Chemistry and Application
    Aglycones of Alfalfa Saponin
    Root Saponins
    Seed Saponins
    Saponins from Alfalfa Seedlings
    Alfalfa Aerial Parts
    Biological Activity of Alfalfa Saponins
  11. Saw Palmetto: Critical Review, Chemistry, and Application
    Treatment Strategies
    BPH Can Be Treated With Extracts of Saw Palmetto
    The Active Components of Saw Palmetto Are Not Fully Elucidated
    Continued Phytochemical Research on Saw Palmetto
  12. Effect of Garlic on Serum Cholesterol Levels
    Garlic Formulations and Compounds
    Mechanistic and Animal Studies
    Clinical Trials
  13. Bioactives in Rice Bran and Rice Bran Oil
    Defining Rice Bran
    The Need for Stabilization
    Criteria for Stabilization of Rice Bran
    Fiber Fractions
    Antioxidant Effect
    Inhibition of Phase 1 Enzymes
    Enhancement of Phase 2 Microsomal Enzymes
    Competition with Active Binding Sites
    Competitive Inhibitors
    Cell Regulation and Transcellular Signaling
    Physiological Significance of Major Bioactives in Rice Bran
    Health Effects of Stabilized Rice Bran and Its Products
  14. Designing Functional Foods to Enhance Health
    New Health Paradigm
    Functional Foods
    Bioactive Phytochemicals
    Regulatory Issues
    Safety Issues
    Designing Functional Foods
    Opportunity for Development


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Phytochemicals as Bioactive Agents
edited by Wayne Bidlack, Stanley Omaye
Mark Meskin, and Debra Topham

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