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Practical Wastewater Treatment
by David L. Russell

Practical Wastewater Treatment equips readers with the skills and knowledge needed to design a wastewater treatment plant and handle various types of industrial wastes.


  • Examples and worked problems throughout the manual demonstrate how various treatment plants and treatment techniques work
  • Figures and diagrams help readers visualize and understand complex design issues
  • References as well as links to online resources serve as a gateway to additional information
  • Practical design hints, stemming from the author's extensive experience, help readers save time and avoid unwanted and expensive pitfalls
  • Clear and logically organized presentation has been developed and refined based on an AIChE course taught by the author in the United States, Mexico, and Venezuela


Effects of Pollution

  • Effluent Toxicity Testing
  • Oxygen Depletion—Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  • Oxygen Uptake in a Stream—The Oxygen Sag Equation
  • Biology of Polluted Water

Flow Measurement

  • Review of Open Channel Hydraulics
  • Determining Normal and Gradually Varied Flows
  • Types of Flowmeters
  • Weir Plates

Sampling and Statistical Considerations

  • Errors in Process Measurements
  • Statistical Distributions
  • Lognormal Distributions
  • Weibull Distributions
  • Probable Error
  • Repeat Measurements
  • Sampling

Important Concepts from Aquatic Chemistry

  • Common Ion Species
  • Most Important Chemicals in the Water Environment
  • Carbonate Chemistry
  • Chemical Water Softening
  • Excess Lime Process
  • Metals Removal by Precipitation
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chromium Reduction and Metals Precipitation
  • Silicates in Treatment Systems
  • Nitrogen
  • Sulfur
  • Phosphorous

Elements of Biological Treatment

  • BOD and COD Solids
  • Suspended Solids
  • Biological Growth Equation
  • Biological Growth & the Monod Equation
  • Principles of Biological Treatment Systems
  • Activated Sludge & Its Varations
  • Biological Treatment of Difficult Wastes
  • Modeling the Biological Process
  • Steady

Precipitation and Sedimentation

  • Theory of Sedimentation
  • Clarifiers and Their Design
  • Lamellas and Specialty Devices

Filtration Theory and Practice

  • Depth Filters Design: Theory and Practice
  • Filtration Hydraulics
  • Hydraulics of Filter Washing
  • Skin Filters
  • Filter Elements and Design


  • Rate of Kill—Disinfection Parameters
  • Status of U.S. Drinking Water
  • Chlorine
  • Ozone
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Other Disinfecting Compounds

Nitrogen Removal

  • Nitrogen Chemistry and Forms
  • Ammonia Toxicity and Nitrogen Loading
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrogen Removals
  • Mixed Media and Attached Growth Systems

Phosphorous Removal

Anaerobic Treatment

  • Basic Anaerobic Processes
  • Anaerobic Pretreatment
  • Sludge Digestion
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Anaerobic Digester Model ADM1


  • Introduction to Membrane Separations and Microfiltration
  • Design Values.
  • Process Selection

Reverse Osmosis

  • Mass Transfer Theory
  • Membrane Selection
  • Membrane Materials
  • Membrane Configurations
  • RO Design Considerations
  • Design Parameters

Carbon Adsorption

  • Breakthrough Curves
  • The Freundlich and the Langmuir Equations
  • Carbon Adsorption Physical Coefficients and Economics
  • PACTTM Process

Ion Exchange

  • Resins
  • Selectivity
  • Selectivity Coefficient
  • Design Considerations

Dissolved Air Flotation and Techniques

  • Design Basics for DAF
  • Operating Parameters
  • Electroflotation
  • Electrocoagulation

Coagulation and Chemical Treatment

  • Flocculation and Mixing
  • Practice
  • Modeling

Waste Topics

  • Oily Wastewaters
  • Blood and Protein
  • Milk Wastes
  • Refinery Wastes
  • Metal Plating Wastes
  • Starch Wastes
  • Phenols and Chemical Plant Wastes
  • Small Waste Flows


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Practical Wastewater Treatment
by David L. Russell
2006 • 271 pages • $94.95 + shipping
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