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Principles of the Manufacturing of Composite Materials
by Suong V. Hoa

Principles of the Manufacturing of Composite Materials offers both a practical and analytic approach to composite manufacturing processes. It ties together key tools for analyzing the mechanics of composites with the processes whereby composite products are fabricated, whether by hand lay-up or through automated processes.


  • Explains the why as well as how of composite manufacturing processes
  • Covers chemical, mechanical and engineering approaches
  • Useful for aerospace, transport and mechanical engineers who design composites
  • Exercises and references for instruction

The book outlines the principles of chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering and shows how these are connected to the design and production of a variety of composites, primarily polymeric. It provides analytic, quantitative tools to answer the questions of why certain materials are linked with specific processes, and why products are manufactured by one process rather than another.

All phases of matrix material formation are explained, as are practical design details for fabrics, autoclaving, filament winding, pultrusion, liquid composite molding, hand techniques, joints and joint bonding, and more. A special section is devoted to nanocomposites. The book includes exercises for university students and practitioners.


Part 1: Fundamentals of Constituents for Composites Manufacturing

1. Introduction

  • Examples of Products Made Using Different Manufacturing Techniques
  • General Characteristics of Manufacturing Using Composites
  • Functions of the Constituents of Composites

2. Matrix Materials

  • Different types of Matrix Materials and Their Prominence
  • Thermoset Matrix Materials
  • Thermoplastic Matrix
  • Fillers, Colorants and Other Resin Modifiers
  • Ceramic Matrices
  • Metal Matrix

3. Reinforcements—Fibers

  • Individual Filaments
  • Tows
  • Fabrics and Other Reinforcement Forms
  • Deformation of a Bed of Fibers

Part 2: Techniques for Composites Manufacturing

4. Hand Laminating (or Wet Lay-up) and the Autoclave Processing of Composites

  • Hand Laminating (or Wet Lay-Up)
  • Autoclave Processing

5. Filament Winding and Fiber Placement

  • Filament Winding
  • Fiber Placement Process

6. Pultrusion

  • Materials
  • Combination of Other Processes with Pultrusion
  • Factors Affecting the Pultrudability of a Composite Component

7. Liquid Composite Molding

  • Materials
  • Mold Filling
  • In-Mold Cure

8. Long Fiber Thermoplastic Matrix Composites

  • Materials
  • Preliminary Material Combinations (PMCs)
  • Fabrication of the Final Product


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Principles of the Manufacturing
of Composite Materials

by Suong V. Hoa
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