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Perez and Brady's
Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology
Fifth Edition
edited by Edward C. Halperin

Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology, 5th edition has been completely overhauled to better represent the rapidly changing field of radiation oncology. This edition has an updated interior design including full-color throughout, and a new companion Website featuring the fully searchable text with all the images.

This comprehensive textbook provides an understanding of every aspect of radiation oncology:

  • the natural history of cancer
  • the physical methods of radiation application
  • the effects of irradiation on normal tissues
  • site-specific applications of radiation therapy either as a single modality or as part of a multimodality treatment program

This edition places greater emphasis on use of radiation oncology in palliative and supportive care as well as therapy.

Six new chapters cover:

  • stereotactic irradiation outside the CNS
  • photodynamic therapy
  • radiation and gene therapy
  • prostate—intermediate and high risk
  • oncologic imaging/oncologic anatomy
  • economics of radiation oncology

Other highlights include expanded coverage of new molecular biology and targeted therapies and greater emphasis on dose conformality, IMRT, IGRT, new radiation therapy delivery machines, radiosurgery, dose painting, and innovative brachytherapy.


Section I: Overview and Basic Science of Radiation Oncology

  1. The Discipline of Radiation Oncology
  2. Biologic Basis of Radiation Therapy
  3. Molecular Cancer and Radiation Biology
  4. Molecular Pathophysiology of Tumors
  5. Principles of Radiologic Physics, Dosimetry, and Treatment Planning
  6. Photon External-Beam Dosimetry and Treatment Planning
  7. Electron-Beam Therapy: Dosimetry, Planning, and Techniques
  8. Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy: Physics, Treatment Planning, and Clinical Aspects
  9. Intensity-Modulated Radiation Treatment Techniques and Clinical Applications
  10. Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

Section II: Techniques, Modalities, and Modifiers in Radiation Oncology

  1. Chapter 11 Altered Fractionation Schedules
  2. Late Effects of Cancer Treatment on Normal Tissues
  3. Methodology of Clinical Trials
  4. Total-Body and Hemibody Irradiation
  5. Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy
  6. Stereotactic Irradiation of Tumors Outside the Central Nervous System
  7. Intraoperaataive Radiotherapy
  8. Particle Beam Radiotherapy
  9. Physics and Biology of Brachytherapy
  10. Clinical Applications of Brachytherapy: Low-Dose-Rate and Pulse-Dose-Rate
  11. The Physics and Dosimetry of high-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
  12. Clinical Aspects and Applications of High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
  13. Radioimmunoglobulins and Nonsealed Radionuclide Therapy
  14. Photodynamic Therapy
  15. Radiation Oncology in the Developing World
  16. Chemical Modifiers of Radiation Response
  17. Oncologic Imaging/Oncologic Anatomy
  18. Hyperthermia
  19. Basic Concepts of Chemotherapy and Irradiation Interaction

Section III: Clinical Radiation Oncology

  1. Skin
  2. Malignant Neoplasms Associated with the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
  3. Primary Intracranial Neoplasms
  4. Pituitary
  5. Spinal Canal
  6. Eye and Orbit
  7. Ear
  8. The Role of Combined Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in the Management of Locally Advanced Squamous Carcinoma of the Head and Neck
  9. Nasopharynx
  10. Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses
  11. Salivary Glands
  12. Oral Cavity Cancer
  13. Oropharynx
  14. Hypopharynx Cancer
  15. Larynx
  16. Unusual Nonepithelial Tumors of the Head and Neck
  17. Management of the Neck Including Unknown Primary Tumor
  18. Thyroid
  19. Lung
  20. Mediastinum and Trachea
  21. Esophageal Cancer
  22. Tumors of the Heart and Great Vessels
  23. Breast: Stage Tis
  24. Early Stage Breast Cancer
  25. Breast Cancer
  26. Stomach
  27. Cancer of the Pancreas
  28. Liver and Hepatobiliary Tract
  29. Colon and Rectum
  30. Anal Cancer
  31. Kidney, Renal Pelvis, and Ureter
  33. Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
  34. Intermediate-and High-Risk Prostate Cancer
  35. Testis
  36. Penis and Male Urethra
  37. Uterine Cervix
  38. Endometrium
  39. Ovary
  40. Fallopian Tube
  41. Vagina
  42. Female Urethra
  43. Carcinoma of the Vulva
  44. Retroperitoneum
  45. Adrenal Gland
  46. Hodgkin Lymphoma
  47. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  48. Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma
  49. Leukemia
  50. Plasma Cell Myeloma and Plasmacytoma
  51. Osteosarcoma
  52. Soft Tissue Sarcomas (Excluding Retroperitoneum)
  53. Central Nervous System Tumors in Children
  54. Wilms' Tumor
  55. Neuroblastoma
  56. Rhabdomyosarcoma
  57. Ewing Tumor
  58. Lymphomas in Children
  59. Unusual Tumors in Childhood PART O: BENIGN DISEASES
  60. Radiotherapy of Non-Malignant Diseases
  61. Endovascular Brachytherapy

Section IV: Palliative and Supportive Care

  1. Palliation of Brain and Spinal Cord Metastases
  2. Palliation of Bone Metastases
  3. Palliation of Visceral recurrences and Metastases
  4. Pain Management
  5. Supportive Care and Quality of Life Section V Economics, Ethics, and Technology Assessment

Section V: Economics, Ethics, and Technology Assessment

  1. Technology Assessment, Cost Benefit, Outcome Analysis Research and Evidence-Based Radiation Oncology
  2. Ethics, Professional Values, and Legal Considerations in Radiation Oncology
  3. The Economics of Radiation Oncology


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Perez and Brady's
Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology
Fifth Edition
edited by Edward C. Halperin

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