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Principles and Practice of Surgical Oncology
Multidisciplinary Approach to Difficult Problems
by Howard Silberman

Principles and Practice of Surgical Oncology uniquely emphasizes a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to the treatment of solid tumors. It presents treatment strategies that combine surgery with preoperative or postoperative adjunctive chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and/or radiation therapy to achieve optimal outcome.

The book features contributions from surgeons, basic scientists, pathologists, radiologists, radiation therapists, and medical oncologists and offers a comprehensive presentation of genetics, molecular biology, pathogenesis, and multimodal therapeutic approaches. A unique feature of the book is a commentary following each chapter, which describes alternative approaches and discusses controversial areas of current therapy.


  1. Principles of Molecular Biology for Cancer Surgeons
  2. Genetic and Environmental Factors in Cancer Pathogenesis
  3. Specialized Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients
  4. Occult Metastases: Detection and Prognostic and Therapeutic Implications
  5. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants for Solid Tumors
  6. Intraperitoneal Drug Therapy for Intra-abdominal Spread of Cancer
  7. Antibodies and Their Conjugates for the Targeted Therapy of Cancer
  8. Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasonography, and PET Scanning in the Evaluation and Management of Cancer Patients
  9. Role of PET and PET-CT in Oncology
  10. Organ Transplantation and Malignancy
  11. Minimally Invasive Surgery for Cancer
  12. Radiation Therapy: An Overview of Recent Advances and Future Innovations
  13. Surgical Consequences of Abdominal Irradiation
  14. Surgical Cytoreduction: Peritoneal Carcinomatosis, Sarcomatosis and Mesothelioma
  15. Cancer and Pregnancy
  16. Breast: Mammography, Early Detection of Breast Cancer, Challenges, Current Standards of Care
  17. Breast Ultrasonography: Performance and Clinical Applications
  18. The Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Assessment and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
  19. Breast Cancer: Ductal Carcinoma In Situ: Treatment Controversies and Oncoplastic Surgery
  20. Breast Cancer: Association with Lobular Neoplasia and Other Benign Lesions
  21. Surgical Options for Stage I and II Breast Cancer
  22. Radiation Therapy in Breast-Conserving Therapy for Invasive Breast Cancer
  23. Adjuvant Therapy in Breast Cancer
  24. Axillary Lymphadenectomy for Breast Cancer: Impact on Survival
  25. Sentinel Lymph Node Analysis in Breast Cancer: Indications, Techniques and Results
  26. Preoperative Chemotherapy for Locally Advanced and Inflammatory Breast Cancer
  27. Evolution of Elective Lymph Node Dissection for Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma
  28. Adjuvant Therapy for Melanoma: Review of Published Data and Studies in Progress
  29. Melanoma: Surgical Approach to Metastatic Disease
  30. Management of Soft Tissue Sarcomas of the Extremity
  31. Soft Tissue Sarcomas of the Retroperitoneum
  32. Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Experience With Cryosurgery
  33. Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Tumors of Bone
  34. Chemotherapy for Soft Tissue Sarcomas
  35. The Pathogenesis of Esophageal Carcinoma
  36. Surgical Management of Cancer of the Esophagus
  37. Neoadjuvant Therapy for Esophageal Cancer
  38. Cancer of the Stomach: Surgical Management
  39. Gastric Cancer: Perioperative Adjunctive Therapy
  40. Cancer of the Pancreas: Surgical Management
  41. Cancer of the Pancreas: Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Therapy
  42. Non-Hematolymphoid Tumors and Tumor-Like Conditions of the Spleen
  43. Colorectal Cancer: Laparoscopic versus Open Surgery
  44. Sphincter-Preserving Surgery in the Management of Rectal Cancer
  45. Colorectal Cancer: Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Therapy
  46. Pelvic Exenteration: Indications, Techniques and Results
  47. Tumors of the Gastroenteropancreatic Axis
  48. Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors
  49. Small Bowel Tumors
  50. Malignant Tumors Arising in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  51. Surgical Management of Primary Malignant and Benign Tumors of the Liver
  52. Surgical Management of Metastatic Liver Disease
  53. Liver Tumors: Multimodality Treatment of Hepatic Metastases
  54. Primary Vascular Tumors
  55. Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Cancer
  56. Surgical Management of Primary Lung Cancer
  57. Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Early Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  58. Surgical Management of Metastic Lung Disease
  59. Urologic Cancers: Surgical Management of Kidney, Bladder, Prostate, and Testis Cancers
  60. Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Treatment for Genitourinary Cancers
  61. Surgical Management of Ovarian Cancer
  62. Cancers of the Biliary Tract: Surgical Management of Cancer of the Gallbladder and Bile Ducts
  63. Radiological Intervention in Malignant Biliary Obstruction
  64. Management of Pain in Cancer and Cancer Treatment


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Principles and Practice of Surgical Oncology
Multidisciplinary Approach to Difficult Problems
by Howard Silberman

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