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Quality Management in Food Chains
by Ludwig Theuvsen

Quality Management in Food Chains gives a comprehensive review of quality management concepts in food chains and highlights future research directions from a global perspective.


Invited Speakers

  • Economics of Standard Owners: Competition as Barrier to Global Harmonisation of Food Assurance Systems
  • Facade and Means of Control: The Use of ISO 9000 Standards

Firm's Costs and Benefits of Quality Management and Quality Assurance Systems

  • Firm's Costs of Traceability Confronted with Consumer Requirements
  • The Effect of Transaction Costs Associated with Certification of Exports on the Profitability of Farming Systems for Chilean Small Farmers
  • Production Costs of Citrus Growing in the Comunidad Valenciana (Spain): EurepGAP Protocol Versus Standard Production
  • The Role of ISO Standards in Micro and Small-Scale Food Ingredient Companies
  • Company Costs and Benefits of Organic Processed Food
  • The Effects of Certification Costs on the Success of a PDO/PGI

Strategic, Organisational and Human Resource Management Aspects of Quality Management

  • Improving Quality-Related Communication in Food Chains with Quality Function Deployment: The Dairy Industry
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) as a Decision Support Tool Within a Quality Information System in Pork Production Chains
  • Quality Assurance in Agribusiness: Evaluating 'Qualität und Sicherheit' and 'QM Milch' from a Total Quality Management Perspective
  • Regional Quality Programs: Relevance, Objectives and Strategies
  • Development of a Process Oriented Management System Based on a Data Bank: An Approach to Successfully Fulfill Quality Requirements in Food Industry
  • Network Management for Dairy Productivity and Quality in Ethiopia
  • Organisational Process Alternatives for Process Simulation in Agri-Food Processing and Trade: The Case of the Grain Chain
  • Maintaining Organic Integrity: Tackling Fraud in Organics

Consumers' Expectations of Quality Assurance and Management Systems

  • Food Quality Signals and Customer Confusion: Is There a Relevance for the Marketing of Food Products?
  • Brands as Quality Signals in the Meat Market: Lessons from the Poultry Sector
  • Food Quality from a Consumer's Perspective
  • Perceived Safety of Organic and Regional Food from a Perspective of Uncertain Consumers
  • Consumers' View and Awareness of Genetically Modified Food
  • Information Releases Concerning Food Scares and their Impact on the Aggregate Demand: Using Artificial Consumer Societies
  • The Importance of Emotional Quality as a Buying Pattern Argument: Results of a Consumer Survey

Benchmarking and Harmonisation Methods and their Effects on the Effectiveness of Quality Assurance Schemes

  • Conception of Integrated Models for Quality Management in Production Chains in the Agri-Food Sector
  • The Organisation of Private Auditing Systems and their Limitations: A Comparative Analysis of the Eurep Systems
  • Analysis of the Compatability of Selected Quality Systems in Agriculture and Food Production

Farmers' Perceptions and Motivation on Food Safety and Quality

  • Enhancing the Acceptance of Quality Systems by German Farmers: The Case of Quality Management and Quality Assurance
  • Controversial Positions about the QS System in Agriculture: An Empirical Study
  • Growers' Perceptions about EurepGAP in Developing Countries: Results of a Survey Carried out in Peru
  • Dairy Farmer's Acceptance of a Processor Driven Quality Management System: A Structural Equation Model

Quality Managment: A Supply Chain Perspective

  • Comparison Among Quality Assurance and Management Schemes Regarding the Ability to Enhance Suppliers-Retailers Relationships in Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
  • Prevention of Food Scandals by Means of Contracts
  • Globalisation, Quality Management and Vertical Coordination in Food Chains of Transition Countries
  • The Consequences of Heterogeneous Agents and Moral Hazard on Food Safety and Trade
  • Supplier Relationship Management in the German Dairy Industry
  • Trust and E-Commerce in the Agrifood Industry: Configuration of a Trust Environment for E-Commerce Activities
  • Actor Organisation for QAS Along Agro Supply-Chains: The Case of Mycotoxins Reduction in Southern Cone Grains
  • Does Food Quality Management Create a Competitive Advantage?


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Quality Management in Food Chains
by Ludwig Theuvsen
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