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The Restaurant Manager's Handbook
Fourth edition
Includes CD-ROM
by Douglas Robert Brown

The Restaurant Manager’s Handbook is the essential guide for the restaurant owner or manager on everything involved in the restaurant business. This new edition is twice the size of its predecessor - it is a must have! tool.

Now in the fourth completely revised edition, nine new chapters detail restaurant layout, new equipment, principles for creating a safer work environment, and new effective techniques to interview, hire, train, and manage employees.

A new chapter contains tips and IRS regulations as well as guidance for improved management, new methods to increase your bottom line by expanding the restaurant to include on- and off-premise catering operations. More new chapters offe food nutrition guidelines and proper employee training.

All existing chapters have new and updated information. This includes extensive material on how to prepare a restaurant for a potential sale. There is even an expanded section on franchising.

You will find many additional tips to help restaurant owners and managers learn to handle labor and operational expenses, rework menus, earn more from better bar management, and introduce up-scale wines and specialties for profit. You will discover an expanded section on restaurant marketing and promotion plus revised accounting and budgeting tips. This new edition includes photos and information from leading food service manufacturers to enhance the text.

The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM which includes all of the forms in the book in PDF format, as well as a bonus directory of restaurant service providers.


  1. Successful Pre-Opening Activities for a New Restaurant Venture
  2. Basics of Buying or Leasing a Restaurant
  3. Creating a Successful Business Plan
  4. Steps to Secure Financing
  5. How to Analyze and Invest in a Restaurant Franchise
  6. Effective Restaurant Layout and Remodeling
  7. Basic cost Control for Restaurants
  8. Profitable Menu Planning
  9. Dietary and Nutritional Guidelines
  10. Choose the Proper Equipment
  11. Purchasing
  12. Food Buying Techniques
  13. Food Cost Controls
  14. Successful Kitchen Management and Control Procedures
  15. Essentials of food Sefety, HACCP, and Sanitation
  16. Safety and Risk Management
  17. Successful Bar Layout, Set Up, and Location
  18. Bar Service, Precautions, and Legalities\
  19. Successful Wine Management
  20. Managing the Dining Room and Waitstaff
  21. Increase Order Amount and Your Bottom Line
  22. Finding, Recruiting, and Hiring Great Employees
  23. Training Employees
  24. Handling Employees Tips
  25. Motiat Your Employees
  26. Daily Leadership and Teambuilding
  27. Control Labor Cost Without Sacrificing Service or Quality
  28. Public Relations for Your Restaurant
  29. How to Keep Customeers Coming Back for More
  30. Promote Your Restaurant on the Internet
  31. Add Catering to Your Restaurant
  32. Internal Bookkeeping
  33. Successful Budgeting and Profit Planning
  34. How to Prepare the Monthly Audit and Cost Projections
  35. Perform an Internal Audit on Restaurant and Bar Operations
  36. Basics of Selling a Restaurant
  37. Additional Materials


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The Restaurant Manager's Handbook
Revised Third Edition with CD-ROM
by Douglas Robert Brown

2007 • 1,052 pages + CD-ROM • $89.95 + shipping

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