Dietetic Reference Guide from C.H.I.P.S.

Simplified Diet Manual
8th Edition
edited by Judy Fitzgibbons

This book presents basic diet principles, general and modified diets, and menus to help health-care workers and dietitians provide nutritious and pleasing meals.

Simplified Diet Manual's contents are based on the knowledge of experts who:

  • oversee the nutritional services of small hospitals and nursing homes in Iowa
  • teach community college courses that train food service managers
  • serve on national committees that oversee practice standards for the American Dietetic Association
  • and more!

This the eight edition, while reflecting popular food trends and changes in health care, retains its straightforward, readily accessible presentation of dietary information.

The major changes from previous editions include revision of the Consistency Altered Diet to reflect current standardized texture descriptions and an update of the food exchange lists in the Diabetes/Calorie/Controlled Diets.


  1. Guidelines for Diet Planning

    • Dietary Guidelines for Americans
    • Food Guide Pyramid
    • Tips for Menu Planning

  2. Routine Diets

    • General Diet
    • Meeting Nutritional Need of Older People
    • Diet for Pregnancy and Lactation
    • Recommendations for Feeding Normal Infants
    • Diet for Children
    • Vegetarian Diet
    • Bland Diet
    • High Nutrient Diet
    • High Fiber Diet
    • Consistency Altered Diets
    • General with Finger Food Modification Diet
    • Dysphagia Advanced Diet
    • Dysphagia Mechanically Altered Diet
    • Dysphagia Pureed Diet

  3. Liquid Diets and Modifications

    • Clear Liquid Diet
    • Blenderized Liquid Diet
    • Postsurgical Diet
    • Enteral Feeding

  4. Diets for Diabetes/Weight Management

    • Limited Concentrated Sweets Diet
    • Diet for Diabetes
    • Food Exchange Lists
    • Calorie-Controlled Diets
    • Meal Patterns for Diet for Diabetes/Calorie-Controlled Diets
    • Suggested Menus for Diet for Diabetes/Calorie-Controlled Diets

  5. Modified Diets

    • Low Fiber, Low Residue Diet
    • Low Fat Diet (40-50 g fat)
    • Moderate Cholesterol/Fat Restricted Diet
    • No Added Salt Diet (Low Salt Diet) (3000-4000 mg sodium [130-174 mEq])
    • Low Sodium Diet (2000 mg [87 mEq])
    • Protein and Electrolyte Controlled Diet
    • Lactose Restricted Diet
    • Gluten Restricted Diet


  • Summary Description of Diets
  • Recommended Dietary Allowances, revised 1989
  • Dietary Reference Intakes, 1998
  • Desirable Weights
  • Determining Body Frame Size
  • Average Weight of Americans Age 65-94
  • Determination of Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Desirable Body Mass Index Range in Relation to Age
  • Potassium per Household Measure
  • Vitamin A Content of Selected Foods
  • Safeguards for Food


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Simplified Diet Manual
8th Edition edited by Judy Fitzgibbons
1999 168 pages $34.95 + shipping
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