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Soil Strength and Slope Stability
by J. Michael Duncanbr>Stephen G. Wright

Authoritative, state-of-the-art guidance to soil strength and slope-stability analysis.

Through clear, concise language and practical examples, Soil Strength and Slope Stability describes state of the art methods for evaluating soil strength, and for analysis, design and stabilization of slopes in soil. The principles of limit equilibrium analysis, and appropriate use of computer programs are emphasized. Methods are described for checking the results of complex analyses, and for presenting results of slope stability analyses clearly. These are illustrated through many examples.

Soil Strength and Slope Stability features:

  • Case histories of landslides, embankment failures, excavation slope failures
  • Principles that govern the shear strength of soils, including shear strength of municipal solid waste
  • Methods for estimating and evaluating shear strengths based on back analysis of slope failures and stable slopes
  • Explanations of the conditions that slopes must be designed to endure
  • Detailed explanations of analysis methods for short-term and long-term stability, rapid drawdown, earthquake, and partial consolidation
  • A wide range of analysis methods, methods for verifying results, and advice on presenting the results of slope stability analyses,including the importance of using multiple and/or independent methods
  • Methods for repairing failed slopes and stabilizing marginally stable slopes

Visually informative with more than 250 illustrations, Soil Strength and Slope Stability is a complete and practical resource.


  1. Introduction
  2. Examples and Causes of Slope Failure
  3. Soil Mechanics Principles
  4. Stability Conditions for analyses
  5. Shear Strengths of Soil and Municipal Solid Waste
  6. Mechanics of Limit Equilibrium Procedures
  7. Methods of Analyzing Slope Stability
  8. Reinforced Slopes and Embankments
  9. Analyses for Rapid Drawdown
  10. Seismic Slope Stability
  11. Analyses of Embankments with Partial Consolidation of Weak Foundations
  12. Analyses to Back-Calculate Strengths
  13. Factors of Safety and Reliability
  14. Important Details of Stability Analyses
  15. Presenting Results of Stability Evaluations
  16. Slope Stabilization and Repair

Appendix: Slope Stability Charts

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Soil Strength and Slope Stability
by J. Michael Duncan and Stephen G. Wright
2005 297 pages $139.00 + shipping
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