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Starch Derivatization
Fascinating and Unique Industrial Opportunities
by K. F. Gotlieb
and A. Capelle

Starch Derivatization addresses the large possibilities of starch as an industrial raw material.

Starch Derivatization describes a number of new developments and addresses topics such as:

  • Relation between granular structure and derivatization
  • Derivatization in aqueous alcohol
  • New starch esters
  • Use of spacers in derivatization
  • Enzymatic derivatization

Starch Derivatization is intended for the (industrial) starch researcher as well as for those professionals interested in the derivatization and application of polysaccharides and natural polymers.


The starch granule, effects of crystallinity and surface on derivatization

  • Structural elements, surface layers
  • Channels, pores and voids
  • Changing the surface, active surface spots
  • Surface substitution
  • Hydrolysis
  • Ghosts
  • Substituent distribution
  • Drying of starch, never dried starch

Derivatization in aqueous alcohols

A: Native starch

  • Carboxymethylation
  • Cationization
  • Hydroxyethylation
  • Esterification
  • Cross-linking
  • Hydrophobic starch
  • Hydrolysis
  • Oxidation
  • Physical modification
  • Enzymatic conversion

Derivatization in aqueous alcohols

B: Pre-cooked starches

  • Preparation of cold water soluble starch slurries in aqueous alcohol
  • Chemical derivatization
  • Physical modification
  • Reactions at low temperature
  • Starch derivatization Fascinating and unique industrial opportunities

Application of granule swelling inhibitors in derivatization

  • Swelling inhibitors, inorganic salts
  • Side effects
  • Organic swelling inhibitors

Amylose inclusion complexes

Synergistic effects

Carbohydrate oxidation with oxygen, varieties on the Spengler- and Pfannenstiel reactions


The phosphate group in sugar- and starch phosphates as nucleophile

Acetoacetylation of starch and cellulose

  • Cellulose
  • Polyvinylalcohol and other alcohols

Derivatization with mixed anhydrides

Derivatization with alkyl sulfates

Cyanamide, a reagent with potential

Urea and starch derivatization

Starch and sugar derivatives with amidoxime and hydroxamic acid groups

Ester migration in carbohydrates

Unusual carbohydrate esters, ferulic-, gallic- and lactic acid esters

  • Ferulic acid esters
  • Gallic acid esters
  • Lactic acid esters

Super absorbents based on starch

The application of enzymes involved in starch derivatization: Some recent developments

  • Application of hydrolases
  • Application of transferases
  • Application of lyases
  • Application of oxidoreductases
  • Application of isomerases

The application of peroxidases

  • General
  • Cross-linking of pectins by peroxidase action
  • Enzymatic cross-linking of proteins
  • Peroxidases for the improvement of bread
  • Removing phenol with horseradish
  • Improve your washing with fungal enzymes
  • Lignin peroxidase and bio-pulping
  • The application of haloperoxidases for the preparation of glucosone
  • Oxidation of alcohols with chloroperoxidases
  • Derivatisation of starch with peroxidases

Some interesting oligosaccharides

  • Raffinose
  • Lactosucrose
  • Oligosaccharide phosphates
  • Various

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Starch Derivatization
Fascinating and Unique Industrial Opportunities
by K. F. Gotlieb and A. Capelle

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