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Understanding Solids:
The Science of Materials

by Richard Tilley

Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials is a modern introduction to the structures and properties of solids. The book develops an understanding of the origin of both physical and chemical properties of solids from a foundation of chemical bonding, which leads naturally to an appreciation of the ways in which atoms can aggregate and so generate solid structures.

It is divided into five sections covering: structures and microstructures; classes of materials; reactions and transformations; physical properties; and nuclear properties of solids. A broad spectrum of topics illustrates these principles and numerous up-to-date examples of real materials with important applications are included.

Each chapter is self-contained and contains both self-assessment style questions as well as traditional problems and exercises, designed to reinforce concepts and enhance understanding of the subject. Further reading suggestions provided in each chapter allow for additional exploration of key concepts.


  • A modern, integrated approach to the science of materials.
  • Equally accessible to both engineers and scientists.
  • Carefully structured into self-contained chapters.
  • Macro- , micro- and nanoscale properties described.
  • Questions in each chapter to enhance student understanding

Written by an author with many years teaching and research experience, Understanding Solids will prove invaluable to students on traditional materials science and engineering courses as well as those studying chemistry, physics and geology needing an introduction to the science of materials.


  1. Structures and Microstructures
    1. The Electron Structure of Atom.
    2. Chemical Bonding.
    3. States of Aggregation.
    4. Phase Diagrams.
    5. Crystallography and Crystal Structures

  2. Classes of Materials
    1. Metals, Ceramics, Polymers and Composites

  3. Reactions and Transformations
    1. Diffusion.
    2. Reactions and Transformations.
    3. Oxidation and Reduction

  4. Physical Properties
    1. Mechanical Properties of Solids.
    2. Insulating Solids.
    3. Magnetic Solids.
    4. Electronic Conductivity in Solids.
    5. Optical Aspects of Solids.
    6. Thermal Properties

  5. Nuclear Properties of Solids
    1. Radioactivity and Nuclear Reactions

Supplementary Material
S1. Supplementary Material to Part 1: Structures and Microstructure
S2. Supplementary Material to Part 2: Classes of Materials
S3. Supplementary Material to Part 3: Reactions and Transformations
S4. Supplementary Material to Part 4: Physical Properties

Answers to Problems and Exercises
Chemical Index
Subject Index

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Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials
by Richard Tilley
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