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Using Statistical Methods for Water Quality Management
Issues, Problems and Solutions
by Graham B. McBride

Using Statistical Methods for Water Quality Management is a practical exploration of alternative approaches to analyzing water-related environmental issues.

Using Statistical Methods for Water Quality Management is designed to help water resource managers and scientists to formulate, implement, and interpret more effective methods of water quality management.

After presenting the basic foundation for using statistical methods in water resource management, including the use of appropriate hypothesis test procedures and some rapid calculation procedures, Using Statistical Methods for Water Quality Management offers a range of practical problems and solutions on environmental topics that often arise, but are not generally covered.

These include:

  • Formulating water quality standards
  • Determining compliance with standards
  • MPNs and microbiology
  • Water-related, human health risk modeling
  • Trends, impacts, concordance, and detection limits
In order to promote awareness of alternative approaches to analyzing data, both frequentist and Bayesian, statistical methods are contrasted in terms of their applicability to various environmental issues.

Each chapter ends with a number of set problems for which full answers are provided.

Using Statistical Methods for Water Quality Management also encourages discussion between technical staff and management before embarking on statistical studies.


  1. Introduction
    • Conventions
    • The Essentials
    • Meeting Management's Information Needs
    • Water Quality Observations as random variables
    • Samples and Populations
    • Special Characteristics of Water Quality Data
    • Data Analysis Protocols

  2. Basic Concepts of Probability and Statistics
    • Probability Rules
    • Representing Data
    • Exploratory and Graphical Methods
    • Important Distributions
    • Continuous Distributions
    • Discrete Distributions
    • Sampling Distribution
    • Statistical Tables
    • Correlation and Measures Thereof
    • Statistical Models and Model Parameters
    • Serial Correlation, Seasonality, Trend, and Scale
    • Regression
    • Estimating Model Parameters

  3. Intervals
    • Confidence Intervals
    • Tolerance Intervals
    • Credible Intervals
    • Intervals Literature

  4. Hypothesis Testing
    • The Classical Approach
    • The Main Steps in the Classical Approach
    • Commentary on the Five Steps
    • An "Evidence-based" Approach (for Dichotomous Data)
    • Power Analysis
    • Multiple Comparisons
    • Nonparametric Tests
    • Randomization Tests
    • Bayesian Methods
    • Likelihood Approach
    • Hypothesis Testing Literature

  5. Detection
    • One-sided Hypothesis Tests
    • Point-null Hypothesis Tests
    • Equivalence Tests
    • p-Value Behavior Under Different Hypotheses
    • What has been detected?
    • Tests and Confidence Intervals
    • Association or Causation?

  6. Mathematics and Calculation Methods
    • Formulae and Calculation Methods for Important Distributions
    • Calculating Confidence and Tolerance Limits on Normal Percentiles
    • Development of the Detection Formulae

  7. Formulating Water Quality Standards
    • Setting the Scene
    • Key Questions
    • Enforceability
    • Requirements for Enforceability

  8. Percentile Standards (and the Reverend Bayes)
    • Two Forms of Percentile Standards
    • Calculating Nonparametric Sample Percentiles
    • Percentiles Versus Maxima
    • Percentile Compliance Rules

  9. Microbial Water Quality and Human Health
    • The Key Elements
    • Risk Communication
    • Some Useful Mathematical Details

  10. MPNs and Microbiology
    • MPNs in Standard Tables
    • MPN "Confidence Intervals"
    • Sampling an MPN Distribution
    • Calculating Exact MPNs

  11. Trends, Impacts, Concordance, Detection Limits
    • Detecting and Analyzing Trends
    • Impacts and Nominal Data
    • Concordance Assessment
    • Detection Limits

  12. Answers to Exercises

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Using Statistical Methods for
Water Quality Management

Issues, Problems and Solutions
by Graham B. McBride

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