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Vacuum Deposition onto Webs, Films, and Foils
by Charles A. Bishop

Vacuum Deposition onto Webs, Films, and Foils provides a broad appreciation of roll-to-roll vacuum deposition systems and processes that encourages a more comprehensive look at vacuum deposition, from material supply through the downstream processes that the product will encounter.

Vacuum Deposition onto Webs, Films, and Foils is an expansive journey of that process, benefiting manufacturing efficiency, unit cost reduction, and financial results.


Vacuum Basics

  1. Vacuum, What Is Is and Why It Can Be Useful

  • What is a Vacumme?
  • What is a Gas?
  • Pressure
  • Partial Pressure
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Saturated Vapor Pressure
  • Why Do We Need a Vacuum?
  • Mean Free Path

  1. Products Using Vacuum Deposited Coatings

  • Metallized Packagin Film
  • Capacitor Films
  • Optical Data Storage Tapes
  • Holographic Coatings
  • Flake Pigments
  • Transparent Barrier Coatings
  • Transparent Conducting Oxides
  • Energy Conservation Windows
  • Solar Cells
  • Solar Absorbers
  • Flexible Circuits
  • Optical Variable Devices
  • Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance Tags
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Thin Film Batteries

...and chapters 4-7

Substrates, Surface Modifications, and Nucleation

  1. Substrates—Surface Quality, Cleaning—Adhesion and Adhesion Testing

  • Substrates
  • Polymer Roll Quality
  • Polymer Substrate Cleaning
  • Polymer Surface Etching
  • Metal Web and Surface Quality
  • Metal Surface Contamination and Cleaning
  • Paper
  • Foams, Nonwovens, and Textiles
  • The "Sellotape" Test
  • Adhesion Tests
  • Cores
  • Packaging

  1. Surface Treatment of Web and Foils

  • Atmospheric Treatments
  • Cleaning and Sealing
  • Cleaning
  • System Design Considerations
  • Polymer Coating—Basic Information

  1. Nucleation, Coalescence, and Film Growth

  • Thin Film—Thick Film
  • Nucleation
  • Coalescence
  • Network and Percolation Threshold
  • Holes
  • Film Growth
  • Energy
  • Electrical and Optical Performance
  • Crystal Structure
  • Deposition Rules of Thumb


  1. The DC Glow Discharge or Plasma

  • The Townsend Discharge
  • The Breakdown Voltage
  • The Transition Region
  • The Normal Glow Discharge
  • The Abnormal Glow Discharge
  • The Arc
  • Triodes and Magnetically Enhanced Plasmas

  1. Electron Beam (E-Beam) Evaporation

  • Filaments and Electron Emission
  • E-Beam Control
  • Power Supply
  • Crucibles and Feed Systems
  • System Design

...and chapters 13-18

System Issues

  1. Machine Specification and Build Issues—Risk Analysis—Process

  • Risk Analysis—Process
  • Mistake-Proofing or Fool-Proofing
  • Project Management
  • Safety
  • Costs
  • Machine Specification
  • Maintenance and Spares

  1. Heat and Load on the Webs/Foils

  • Potential Winding Problems
  • Characteristic Winding Problems Associated with Too Much Heat
  • Heating Webs

...and chapters 21-28


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Vacuum Deposition onto Webs, Films, and Foils
by Charles A. Bishop
2007 • 474 pages • $189.00 + shipping
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