Three-Volume Classic Scientific Encyclopedia
from C.H.I.P.S.

Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia
3-Volume Set
Tenth Edition
edited by
Glenn D. Considine

VNR's Scientific Encyclopedia remains the definitive scientific resource with topics ranging across all scientific disciplines including the life sciences, earth and atmospheric sciences, physical sciences, medicine, and mathematics, as well as many areas of engineering and technology.

The new, three-volume Tenth edition contains articles contributed by industry experts and scholars worldwide. It comprises more than 10,000 entries and features hundreds of completely rewritten and re-referenced articles, as well as 2,500 completely new entries covering emerging technologies affecting genetics, global warming, communications, informatics, nanotechnology, and more.

Internet references in addition to traditional print references have been updated and expanded to reflect the editors' conviction that modern students and researchers move from link to link as well as from page to page.

The Tenth Edition of the incomparable Scientific Encyclopedia is an essential addition to academic and industrial libraries, as well as an indispensable reference for students and professionals across an ever-expanding range of scientific and engineering disciplines.

Representative Topical Coverage:

Animal Life

Amphibians Annelida Artropods Birds Coelenterates Echinoderms Fishes Insects Mammals Mesozoa Mollusks Paleontology Protozoa Reptiles Rotifers Zoology


Amino Acids Bacteriology Biochemistry Biology Biophysics Cytology Enzymes Fermentation Genetics Hormones Microbiology Molecular Biology Proteins Recombinant DNA Viruses Vitamins


Acids and Bases Catalysts Chemical Elements Colloid Systems Corrosion Crystals Electrochemistry Free Radicals Inorganic Chemistry Ions Macromolecular Science Organic Chemistry Oxidation-Reduction Photochemistry Physical Chemistry Solutions and Sales

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Climatology Ecology Geochemistry Geodynamics Geology Geophysics Hydrology Meteorology Oceanography Tectonics Seismology Volcanology

Energy Sources and Power Technology

Batteries Biomass and Wastes Coal Combustion Electric Power Geothermal Energy Hydroelectric Power Natural Gas Nuclear Energy Ocean Energy Resources Petroleum Solar Energy Steam Generation Tidal Energy Turbines Wind Power

Mathematics and Information Sciences

Automatic Control Communications Computing Data Processing Meassurements Navigation and Guidance Statistics Units and Standards

Materials and Engineering Sciences

Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Glass and Ceramics Laser Technology Mechanical Engineering Metallurgy Mining Microelectronics Plastics and Fibers Process Engineering Structural Engineering Transportation

Medicine, Anatomy, and Physiology

Brain and Nervous System Cancer and Oncology Cardiovascular System Chemotherapy Dermatology Diagnostics Digestive System Endocrine System Genetic Disorders Gerontology Hematology Immunology Infectious Diseases Kidney and Urinary Tract Mental Illness Muscular System Ophthalmology Otorhinolaryngology/Denatl Parasitology Pharmacology Reproductive System Respiratory System Rheumatology Skeletal System


Atoms and Molecules Electricity Electronics Fluid State Gravitation Magnetism Mechanics Motion Optics Radiation Solid State Sound Subatomic Particles Surfaces Theoretical Physics Waves

Plant Sciences

Agriculture Algae Botany Diseases and Pests Fruits Fungi Growth Modifiers Nutritional Values Plant Breeding Seeds and Germ Plasm Trees Yeasts and Molds

Space and Planetary Sciences

Astrochemistry Astrodynamics Astronautics Astronomy Astroophysics Cosmology Probes and Satellites Solar Systems

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Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia
10th Edition 3-Volume Set
edited by Glenn D. Considine
2008 6,236 pages $395.00 + shipping
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