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200 and More NMR Experiments
by Stefan Berger
and Siegmar Braun

This workbook will guide you safely, in step-by-step descriptions, through every detail of the NMR experiments within, beginning with 1D routine experiments and ending with a series of advanced 3D experiments on a protein:

  • Which experiment can best yield the desired information?
  • How must the chosen experiment be performed?
  • How does one read the required information from the spectrum?
  • How does this particular pulse sequence work?
  • Which other experiments give similar information?

This Third Edition of the book, following its two highly successful predecessors, has been revised and expanded to 206 experiments. They are organized in 15 chapters, covering test procedures and routine spectra, variable temperature measurements, the use of auxiliary reagents, 1D multipulse experiments, spectra of heteronuclides, and the application of selective pulses. The second and third dimensions are introduced using pulsed field gradients, and experiments on solid state materials are described. A key part describes 3D experiments on the protein ubiquitin with 76 amino acids.

New Features Include:

  • 24 new experiments have been inserted into the 14 chapters that were in the 2nd edition, e.g., alpha/beta-SELINCOR-TOCSY, WET, DOSY, ct-COSY, HMSC, HSQC with adiabatic pulses, HETLOC. J-resolved HMBC, (1,1)- and (1,n)-ADEQUATE, STD, REDOR, and HR-MAS.

  • 20 new protein NMR experiments have been specially devised and are collected in the newly added Chapter 15, ProteinNMR, for which one needs a special model sample: fully 13C- and 15N-labeled human ubiquitin. Techniques used include the constant time principle, the PEP method, filters, gradient selection, and the echo/anti-echo procedure.

200 and More NMR Experiments is written by experts in this field, following the principle of learning by doing: all the experiments have been specially performed for this book, exactly as described and shown in the spectra that are reproduced. Being a reference source and work-book for the NMR laboratory as well as a textbook, it is a must for every scientist working with NMR, as well as for students preparing for their laboratory courses.


  1. The NMR Spectrometer
  2. Determination of Pulse-Duration
  3. Routine NMR Spectroscopy and Standard Tests
  4. Decoupling Techniques
  5. Dynamic NMR Spectroscopy
  6. 1D Multipulse Sequences
  7. NMR Spectroscopy with Selective Pulses
  8. Auxiliary Reagents, Quantitative Determinations, and Reaction Mechanisms
  9. Heteronuclear NMR Spectroscopy
  10. The Second Dimension
  11. 1D NMR Spectroscopy with Pulsed Field Gradients
  12. 2D NMR Spectroscopy with Field Gradients
  13. The Third Dimension
  14. Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
  15. Protein NMR

Pulse Programs
Instrument Dialects
Classification of Experiments
Elementary Product Operator Formalism Rules
Chemical Shift and Spin-Coupling Data for Ethyl Crotonate and Strychnine

Glossary and Index

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200 and More NMR Experiments
by Stefan Berger
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