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3D Cadastre in an International Context
by Jantien E. Stoter

3D Cadastre in an International Context demonstrates how to record 3D scenarios in order to improve insight into overlapping constructions.


  • Identifies problems of current cadastral registration in order to structure an international discussion on 3D cadastre
  • Details how to model 3D geo-objects in a database management system (DBMS)
  • Explores how to access and analyze 3D geo-objects organized in a geo-DBMS
  • Reviews the state-of-the-art in 3D GIS
  • Designs conceptual models for a 3D cadastre based upon current registration and available techniques in order to improve the 3D cadastral registration process
  • Examines the translation of 3D cadastre conceptual models into logical models
  • Evaluates conceptual models by translating conceptual alternatives into prototype implementations using techniques developed within the research presented in the book


Analysis of the Background

  • Scope of a 3D Cadastre
  • Elementary Cadastral Model
  • Types of Cadastral Registrations
  • 3D Cadastral Recordings and Private Law
  • 3D Cadastral Recordings and Public Law

Conclusions 3D Recordings in Current Cadastral Registrations

  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Queensland, Australia
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • The United States
  • Argentina

Needs and Opportunities for a #D Cadastre

  • Current Cadastral Registrations and 3D
  • Basic Needs for a 3D Cadastre
  • Opportunities for a 3D Cadastre
  • 3D Applications outside the Cadastral Domain

Framework for Modeling 2D and 3D Situations

  • Theory of Spatial Data Modeling
  • Data Models
  • Conceptual Model
  • Logical Model
  • Physical Model
  • UML
  • Spatial Data Modeling and DBMS
  • Standardization Initiatives


  • Geometrical Primitives in DBMSs
  • Topological Structure in DBMSs
  • Spatial Analyses in DBMSs
  • Implementation of a 3D Geometrical Primitive in a DBMS

3D GIS and Accessing a 3D Geo-DMBS with Front Ends

  • 3D GIS
  • Accessing a geo-DBMS with a CAD Front End
  • Accessing a geo-DBMS with a GIS Front End
  • Accessing a geo-DBMS Using Web Technology

Integrating 2D Parcels and 3D Objects in One Environment

  • Absolute or Relative Coordinates
  • Introduction of a Case Study
  • Integrated TINs of Point Heights and Parcels
  • Analyzing and Querying Parcel Surfaces
  • Generalization of the Integrated TIN
  • Generalization Prototype

Models for 3D Cadastre

  • Conceptual Model for a 3D Cadastre
  • Introduction of Possible Solutions
  • A 2D Cadastre with 3D Tags
  • Hybrid Approach
  • Full 3D Cadastre
  • Evaluating the Conceptual Models

Logical Model for a 3D Cadastre

  • Right-Volumes in the DBMS
  • 3D Physical Objects in the DBMS
  • Volume Parcels in the DBMS
  • Maintaining History in the 3D Cadastre

Realization of a 3D Cadastre

  • Prototypes Applied to Case Studies
  • Prototypes of the Hybrid Cadastre
  • Prototype of the Full 3D Cadastre

Summary, Conclusions, and Further Research

    Framework for Modeling 2D and 3D Situations
  • Models for a 3D Cadastre
  • Realization of a 3D Cadastre


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3D Cadastre in an International Context
by Jantien E. Stoter
2006 344 pages $108.95 + shipping
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