Dermatology book from C.H.I.P.S.

Fifty Dermatological Cases
edited by
Daniel Creamer
and Anthony du Vivier

Fifty Dermatological Cases demonstrates how careful examination of the skin can lead to important diagnoses.

Discusses cutaneous presentations of systemic diseases as well as rare, life-threatening skin diseases.

Fifty Dermatological Cases highlights the importance of appropriate investigations, most particularly histopathology, in the diagnosis of skin diseases.

Contains 200 illustrations that highlight the concepts discussed in the text.

From dog bites that don't heal to the dermatological effects of a vegan diet, Fifty Dermatological Cases demonstrates the astonishing variety of cutaneous responses that occur in a range of underlying pathologies.

This fascinating treatise presents fifty cases from King's College Hospital that show the important relationship between dermatology and other medical disciplines.


  1. Haematemesis and warts
  2. Annular lesions on the face of a neonate
  3. A warty plaque on the sole of the foot
  4. Dystrophic nails and lethargy
  5. Stretchy skin
  6. Chronic scaling of the scalp
  7. Generalized papular thickening of the skin
  8. Flexural erythema following chemotherapy
  9. Painful pustules in pregnancy
  10. Discharging nodules on the jaw
  11. Thickening of the facial skin, weakness of the hands and loss of peripheral sensation
  12. A facial and anogenital rash in an infant
  13. Non-healing dog bites
  14. Two patients with pustular plaques on a neurosurgical ward
  15. Fever and purpuric lesions in an infant
  16. Photosensitivity with skin cancers
  17. A papular eruption in a patient with leukaemia
  18. A polycyclic rash in a patient with epilepsy
  19. Flexural papules, thirst and polyuria
  20. Facial plaques and fever
  21. Generalized thickening of the skin following bone marrow transplantation
  22. Pruritic plaques in pregnancy
  23. Multiple painless ulcers in a traveller
  24. A pigmented plaque on the knee
  25. Photosensitivity with scarring
  26. Swelling of the hands and generalized hyperpigmentation
  27. Birthmarks and macrodactyly
  28. Facial nodules, cough and breathlessness
  29. A unilateral breast rash
  30. Fever and a desquamating rash in an infant
  31. A follicular eruption in a vegan
  32. Erythroderma in a Jamaican man
  33. An inflamed toe and a rash on the legs in an immunosuppressed patient
  34. Periorbital erythema following chemotherapy
  35. Nodules and plaques in a boy with progressive liver failure
  36. A unilateral groin rash
  37. Patches, plaques and lymphadenopathy
  38. A plaque on the shin
  39. A rash and numbness involving the right thumb
  40. Widespread skin sloughing in a man with fits
  41. A plaque on the chest
  42. A polymorphic mucocutaneous eruption in a patient with lymphoma
  43. Abdominal pain, fever and acral purpura
  44. Papules on the buttocks
  45. A non-healing crusted plaque in a child
  46. A rash on the face, upper back and hands
  47. A large vascular tumour in an HIV-positive man
  48. Linear blisters and pigmentation in a baby girl
  49. Gradual coarse wrinkling of the skin
  50. Breathlessness and widespread cutaneous necrosis

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Fifty Dermatological Cases
edited by Daniel Creamer and Anthony du Vivier

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