Professional Food Packaging Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Active Packaging for Food Applications
by Aaron L. Brody,
Eugene R. Strupinsky
and Lauri R. Kline

Surveys latest food packing applications of:

  • Antimicrobial films
  • Carbon dioxide emitters
  • Aroma emitters
  • Odor absorbers

This book surveys the active packaging technologies now play a growing role in packaging for the improvement of food preservation, quality, and safety.

Active Packaging For Food Applications provides a very detailed guide and reference to these technologies and their applications. It focuses on technologies that are now in commercial use or have the potential to become commercial, including oxygen scavenging, moisture control, ethylene removal from fresh food, antimicrobials; odor removal, and aroma emission.


  1. Introduction
    • Oxidative Deteriorative Reactions
    • Odor Control
    • Minimally Processed Foods
    • Active Packaging Opportunities
    • Outline

  2. Oxygen Scavengers
    • Introduction
    • Definitions
    • Rationale for In-Package Oxygen Scavenging
    • Measures to Exclude Oxygen
    • Oxygen Entry After Closure
    • Historical Background of Oxygen Absorbers and Scavengers
    • Commercial Applications
    • United States Military Applications
    • Japanese Situation

  3. Oxygen Scavenger Systems
    • Antioxidants
    • Sulfites
    • Boron
    • Glycols and Sugar Alcohols
    • Unsaturated Fatty Acids and Hydrocarbons
    • Palladium Catalysts
    • Enzymes
    • Yeast
    • The Package Material as a Reducing Agent
    • Ferrous Iron-Based Scavengers
    • Economics
    • Developments

  4. Oxygen Scavenging in 2000 and Beyond
    • Labels
    • Incorporation of Oxygen Scavengers Into Plastic Structures
    • Sandwiching Oxygen Scavengers
    • Resin-Based Systems
    • United States Military Applications
    • Premature Reaction to Oxygen
    • Recent Patents and Patent Applications
    • Additional Acivities

  5. Moisture Control
    • Relative Humidity Control Within Packages
    • Moisture Removers

  6. Gas-Permeability Control
    • Avoidance of Anoxic Conditions
    • Temperature-Sensitive Structures

  7. Ethylene Control
    • Potassium Permanganate Reaction
    • Other Ethylene Scavengers
    • Dunapack
    • Sachet Ethylene Scavengers
    • Activated Carbon Ethylene Removers
    • Activated Earth Ethylene Removers
    • Novel Ethylene-Removing Packaging

  8. Odor Removers
    • Activated Carbon Odor Adsorbers
    • Absorbent Pad Odor Removers
    • Vitamin E and BHT as Odor Reducers in Plastic Packaging
    • Molecular Sieves as Plastic Odor Reducers
    • Aldehyde Scavengers
    • Amine Odor Removal

  9. Aroma Emissions from Plastics
    • Polyvel
    • Fragrance Concentrate Suppliers
    • Aroma Concentrates
    • Extrusion Boundaries
    • Other Suppliers/Technologies

  10. Antimicrobial Packaging
    • Anhydrides as Antiomicrobial Agents
    • Bacteriocins
    • Antiomicrobial Enzymes
    • Radiation-Emitting Film
    • Antimicrobial Activity of Silver Ions
    • Examples of Zeolite Products
    • Additional Antimicrobials
    • Benomyl
    • Mathematical Modeling of Antimicrobial Food Packaging

  11. Other Systems
    • Carbon Dioxide Absorbers
    • Carbon Dioxide Emitters/Generators
    • The Future

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Active Packaging for Food Applications
by Aaron L. Brody
2001 • 236 pages • $288.95 + shipping
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