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Advances in Biodiesel Production
Processes and Technologies
edited by Rafael Luque

Advances in Biodiesel Production: Processes and Technologies includes:

  • advances in the development of biodiesel fuels, production processes and technologies
  • life cycle sustainability assessment and socio-economic and environmental policy issues associated with advanced biodiesel production, as well as feedstocks and fuel quality standards
  • development of methods and catalysts essential to the improvement and optimisation of biodiesel production processes and technologies


1. Introduction to advanced biodiesel production

  • Processes and technologies for advanced biodiesel production
  • New feedstocks for second generation biodiesel production
  • Glycerol as by-product of biodiesel production

Part 1: Fundamental Issues and Assessment in Advanced Biodiesel Production

2. Life cycle sustainability assessment of second generation biodiesel

  • Environmental sustainability of biodiesel
  • Socio-economic sustainability of biodiesel

3. Socio-economic, environmental and policy perspectives of advanced biodiesel production

  • Socio-economic, environmental and policy limitations of st generation biodiesel
  • Economic potentials and limitations of nd and rd generation biodiesel
  • New impacts on energy security
  • New impacts on land and food safety
  • Effects on international trade and sustainable development
  • What are the right policies for next generation biodiesel?

4. Feedstocks for advanced biodiesel production

  • Feedstocks for first generation biodiesel
  • Feedstocks for second generation biodiesel
  • Other feedstocks for biodiesel production
  • Feedstocks for advanced biodiesel production

5. Advances in biodiesel quality control, characterisation and standards development

  • Characterisation, analysis techniques and quality control of feedstocks
  • Characterisation, analysis techniques and quality control of biodiesel
  • Development of standards for biodiesel quality and use

Part 2: Advanced Biodiesel Production Processes and Technologies

6. Advances in biodiesel catalysts and processing technologies

  • Current production technologies for biodiesel
  • New types of Catalysts
  • Innovative reaction conditions
  • Advanced biodiesel reactor design
  • Production of biodiesel with simultaneous derivation of glycerol
  • In-situ transesterification

7. Biodiesel from waste oils and fats

  • Waste oils and fats
  • Technologies for biodiesel production from waste lipids
  • Advantages and limitations

8. Biodiesel from microbial oil

  • Heterotrophic microorganisms for oil production
  • Carbon sources for microorganism production
  • Biodiesel production from heterotrophic microorganisms
  • Suitability of biodiesel
  • Enhancement of microbial oil production

9. Microalgae processing for biodiesel production

  • Microalgae biomass downstream processing
  • Cell disruption methods
  • Lipids extraction from microalgae
  • Advanced biodiesel production from microalgae
  • Process integration: the biorefinery concept

10. Valorisation of the glycerol by-product from biodiesel production

  • Composition and purification of glycerol produced from biodiesel
  • Applications and valorisation of glycerol
  • Advantages and limitations of the use of crude glycerol of biodiesel production

Appendix: supply chains, techno-economic assessment and market development for second generation biodiesel

  • Second generation biodiesel supply chains
  • Enterprise input–output model for second generation biodiesel supply chain analysis
  • Emerging second generation biodiesel feedstock markets and their coordination


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Advances in Biodiesel Production
Processes and Technologies
edited by Rafael Luque

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