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Advanced Drying Technologies
Second edition
by Tadeusz Kudra

Advanced Drying Technologies, Second edition is the direct outcome of the recent phenomenal growth in drying literature and new drying hardware. This edition provides an evaluative overview of new and emerging drying technologies, while placing greater emphasis on making the drying process more energy efficient in the green age.

Fueled by the current energy crisis and growing consumer demand for improved quality products, this thoroughly updated resource addresses cutting-edge drying technologies for numerous materials such as high-valued, heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and some foods. It also introduces innovative techniques, such as heat-pump drying of foods, which allow both industrial practice and research and development projects to save energy, reduce carbon footprints, and thus improve the bottom line.


  • Covers new and emerging drying technologies for a variety of products
  • Presentsmultistage dryers and a variety ofhybrid systems
  • Addressestechnologies involving electromagneticirradiation(infrared, radio-frequency and microwaves)
  • Provides guidelines for dryer selection
  • Offers technical solutions for drying difficult materials

Four New Chapters in the Second edition:

  • Spray-Freeze-Drying
  • Fry Drying
  • Refractance Window Drying
  • Mechanical Thermal Expression

Requiring no prior knowledge of chemical engineering, this single-source reference will assist researchers in turning the laboratory curiosities of today into the revolutionary novel drying technologies of tomorrow.


General Discussion: Conventional and Novel Drying Concepts

  1. Need for Advanced Drying Technologies
  2. Classification and Selection Criteria: Conventional versus Novel Technologies
  3. Innovation and Trends in Drying Technologies

Selected Advanced Drying Technologies

  1. Drying on Inert Particles
  2. Impinging Stream Drying
  3. Drying in Pulsed Fluid Beds
  4. Superheated Steam Drying
  5. Airless Drying
  6. Drying in Mobilized Beds
  7. Drying with Shock Waves
  8. Vacu Jet Drying System
  9. Contact-Sorption Drying
  10. Sonic Drying
  11. Pulse Combustion Drying
  12. Heat Pump Drying
  13. Fry-Drying

Selected Techniques for Drying and Dewatering

  1. Mechanical Thermal Expression
  2. Displacement Drying
  3. Vapor Drying
  4. Slush Drying
  5. Atmospheric Freeze-Drying
  6. Spray-Freeze-Drying
  7. Refractance Window
  8. Carver-Greenfield Process

Hybrid Drying Technologies

  1. Microwave–Convective Drying with Cogeneration
  2. Microwave–Vacuum Drying
  3. Filtermat Drying
  4. Spray-Fluid Bed–Vibrated Fluid Bed Dryer
  5. Combined Filtration and Drying
  6. Radio-Frequency Drying with 50 O Technology
  7. Radio Frequency–Assisted Heat Pump Drying
  8. Radio Frequency–Vacuum Drying
  9. Miscellaneous Hybrid Technologies

Other Techniques

  1. Special Drying Technologies


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Advanced Drying Technologies
Second edition
by Tadeusz Kudra

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