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Cleaning Product Formulations
Volume 2

by Ernest W. Flick

This handbook presents manufacturers' suggested formulations which might meet new performance criteria. It presents more than 800 up-to-date advanced cleaning product formulations for household, industrial and automotive applications. All formulations are completely different than those contained in Volume 1.

Each formulation in the book lists the following information, as available, in the manufacturers' own words:

  • Description of end use and most outstanding properties
  • Percent by weight or volume of each raw material included in the formula, rounded to a decimal figure
  • Key properties of the formula, which are the features that the source considers to be more outstanding than other formulations of the same type
  • The formula source, which is the company or organization that supplied the formula. A formula number is included if applicable

Partial Contents of Part I:

  • Bathroom Cleaners: Aerosol Bathroom Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner with Hypochlorite Bleach and more
  • Dairy and Food Industry Cleaners: Acid Dairy Cleaner, Liquid Milkstone Remover, Manual Application Dairy Cleaner and more
  • Degreasers: Alkaline Soak and Spray Cleaners/Degreaser, Heavy Duty Spray Degreaser, and more
  • Dishwashing Detergents: Automatic Dishwashing Detergent, Powder Dry Blended Detergent, Agglomerated Detergent, Economy Liquid Detergent and more
  • Detergents/Disinfectants: Disinfectant Pump Spray, Non-Phoshate Liquid Concentrate, Pine Odor Disinfectant and more
  • General Purpose Cleaners: Ajax Type, Pine Odor, Abrasive, Food Processing Equipment Cleaner Spray, Non-Caustic Cleaner and more
  • Hard Surface Cleaners: All Purpose, Creamy Hard Surface, Industrial Hard Surface, Economy Non-Phosphate and more
  • Laundry Products: Aerosol Detergent/Disinfectant, Detergent/Softner, Fabric Softner, Fine Fabric Wash and more
  • Metal Cleaners: Powdered Acid Cleaner, Acid Aluminum Cleaner, Acid Metal Cleaner, High-Luster Copper Cleaner and more
  • Polishes, Coatings and Sealers: Aerosol Furniture Polish, Aerosol Shoe Polish, Creamy Furniture Polish, Floor Polish and more
  • Rinse Aids: Dishwasher Rinse Aids and Rinse Aid
  • Rug, Carpet and Upholstrey Shampoos and Cleaners: Carpet Cleaner/Deodorizer Extraction, Steam Carpet Cleaning, Liquid Shampoo Upholstrey Foam Shampoos and more
  • Miscellaneous: Wallpaper Penetrant Cleaners, Santizers for Foods, Concrete Cleaners, Milk Can Cleaner and more

Partial Contents of Part II:

  • Auto Cleaners and Polishes: Cream Car Wax, Silicone Car Paste, Liquid Car Polish and more
  • Car and Truck Wash Compounds: Aluminum Trailer Cleaner and Brightner, Car Wash Concentrate, Truck Wash Detergent and more
  • Whitewall Tire Cleaners: Automobile Whitewall Tire Cleaner, Liquid Whitewall Tire Cleaner, Specialty Products and more
  • Miscellaneous: Aircraft Cleaners, Vinyl Surface Protectants, Underbody Rust Inhibitor, Leather Cleaner and more

Trademarked Raw Materials
Suppliers' Addresses

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Advanced Cleaning Product Formulations Volume 2
by Ernest W. Flick
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