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Cleaning Product Formulations
Volume 3

by Ernest W. Flick

This handbook presents more than 630 up-to-date advanced cleaning product formulations for households, industrial and automotive applications. All formulations are completely different than those contained in volume one and two.

Each formulation in the book lists the following information, as available, in the manufacturers' own words:

  • Description of end use and most outstanding properties
  • Percent by weight or volume of each raw material included in the formula, rounded to a decimal figure
  • Key properties of the formula, which are the features that the source considers to be more outstanding than other formulations of the same type
  • The formula source, which is the company or organization that supplied the formula. A formula number is included if applicable

Partial Contents of Part I:

  • Bathroom Cleaners: Clear liquid bowl cleaner, Thick Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Disinfectant Bowl Cleaner and more
  • Dairy and Food Industrial Cleaners: Acid Cleaner, Foamy Acid Cleaner, Low Foam Tank Truck Cleaner, Graffiti Remover and more
  • Degreasers: Glycol Ether Degreaser I and II, Engine Cleaner and Degreaser, Degreaser Formulation, Solvent Cleaners and more
  • Dishwashing Detergents: Clear-Hand Dishwashing Liquid, Crystal Clear Liquid, Manual Dishwashing Detergent and more
  • General Purpose Cleaners: Alkaline Cleaner, Vegetable Oil Soap, Neutral Cleaner, Non-Caustic Cleaner and more
  • Glass Cleaners/Polishes: Ammoniated Glass Cleaner, Non-Acid Glass Cleaner, Dry Powder Cleaning Compound and more
  • Hard Surface Cleaners: Economical Pine Oil, Solvent Free Cleaner, Mold and Mildew Remover, Low Foam Cleaners and more
  • Laundry Products: Industrial and Institutiona Detergents, Oxygen Safety Bleach I and II, Premium HDL and more
  • Metal Cleaners and Polishes: Acid Cleaners, Fine Brass Polish, Silver Polish Soft Paste, Acid Scrubber, Tank Metal Cleaner and more
  • Oven, Grill and Hot Plate Cleaners: Aluminum Cleaner, Grill Cleaner, Oven Cleaner, Hot Plate Cleaner and more
  • Polishes, Coatings and Finishes: Industrial Floor Finish, Scratch Wood Polish, Resistant Paste Polish, Furniture Polish and more
  • Rinse Aids: Automatic Dishwasher Rinse Aid I, II, and III, Rinse Aid and more
  • Rug, Floor, Carpet Upholstrey Shampoos and Cleaners: Carpet Shampoo for Automatic Shampooer, Vinyl Upholstrey Cleaner, Aerosol Rug Shampoo, Grease-Cutting Solvents and more
  • Miscellaneous: Aerosol Oven Release, Paint Stripper, Wax Stripper, Leather Preservative and more

Partial Contents of Part II:

  • Auto Cleaners and Polishes: Vinyl Top Protector, Paste Polish, Spraywax II, Wash and Wax I and II, Cream Cleanser and more
  • Car and Truck Wash Compounds: Economy Truck Wash, Grease and Grime Remover, Spraywax, Power Car Wash and more
  • Whitewall Tire Cleaners: Whitewall Cleaners I, II, and III, Liquid Whitewall Cleaner, and more
  • Miscellaneous: Brake Cleaner, Mag Wheel Cleaner, Locomotive Cleaner, Concrete Floor Cleaner and more

Trademarked Raw Materials
Suppliers' Addresses

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Advanced Cleaning Product Formulations Volume 3
by Earnest W. Flick

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