Dietary Fiber Technology from C.H.I.P.S.

Advanced Dietary Fibre Technology
edited by Barry V. McCleary and Leon Prosky

Advanced Dietary Fibre Technology presents the state-of-the-art and explains how the background science translates into commercial reality. An international team of experts has been assembled to offer both a global perspective and the nuts and bolts information relevant to those working in the commercial world.

Coverage includes:

  • specific dietary fibre components (with overviews of chemistry, analysis and regulatory aspects of all key dietary fibres)
  • measurement of dietary fibre and dietary fibre components (in-vitro and in-vivo)
  • general aspects (eg chemical and physical nature
  • rheology and functionality
  • nutrition and health
  • and technological and current hot topics

Advanced Dietary Fibre Technology is an up-to-date and comprehensive review of dietary fibre technology.


  1. Nutrition and Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

    1. Nutrition and diet for heatlhy lifestyles in Europe
    2. Dietary advice in North America: The good, the bad and the unheeded

  2. Chemistry, Structure and Rheology

    1. Light microscopic investigations on dietary fibre
    2. Assembly and rheology of non-starch polysaccharides
    3. The structures and architectures of plant cell walls define dietary fibre composition and the textures of foods

  3. Measurement of Dietary Fibre and Dietary Fibre Components

    1. What is dietary fibre? - A new look at the definition
    2. Development of dietary fibre methodology
    3. Measurement of dietary fibre componenets: The importance of enzyme purity, activity and specificity
    4. In vivo and In vitro methods for resistant starch measurement

  4. Regulatory Issues

    1. Analytical issues regarding the regulatory aspects of dietary fiber nutrition labeling
    2. Regulatory issues relating to dietary fibre in the European context

  5. Health Benefits of Dietary Fibre

    1. Dietary fibre in health and disease
    2. Dietary fibre, carbohydrate metabolism and chronic disease
    3. Dietary fibre and gastrointestinal function
    4. Dietary fibres and dietary lipids
    5. Food polysaccharides, glucose absorption and insulin sensitivity
    6. Fermentation of oligosaccharides and influences of fermentation products
    7. Cholesterol lowering properties of cereal fibres and fractions
    8. Effects of psyllium on cholesterol levels
    9. Non-digestible carbohydrates and gut function - Implications for carcinogenesis
    10. Cereal fibre and heart disease

  6. Technological Aspects

    1. Developing fibre rich foods in the 21st century
    2. Technological aspects of dietary fibre
    3. Oatrim and nutrim X: Technological development and nutritional properties
    4. Effects of processing on the properties of dietary fibre
    5. Fibres and fibre blends for individual needs - A physiological and technological approach

  7. Cereal Cell-Wall Polysaccharides

    1. Cereal arabinoxylan: Occurence, structure and properties
    2. Cereal β-Glucans: Structure, properties and health claims

  8. Legume-Seed Polysaccharides

    1. Novel galactomannans and galacto-manno-oligosaccharides from Guar
    2. Physiological and technological functions of partially hydrolysed Guar gum (modified galactomannans)
    3. Dietary fibres of lupins and other grain legumes

  9. Pectins

    1. Pectins, their origin, structure and functions
    2. Chemistry and enzymology of pectins

  10. Resistant Starch

    1. Resistant starch: Plant breeding, applications development and commercial use
    2. In Vivo and In Vitro digestion of resistant starch
    3. Resistant starch, health aspects and food uses
    4. Structural features of resistant starch

  11. Other Polysaccharides

    1. Nutritional benefits of larch arabinogalactan

  12. Oligosaccharides

    1. Non-digestible oligosaccharides and polysaccharides: Their physiological effects and health implications
    2. Development and beneficial effects of fructooligosaccharides (neosugar);
    3. Fructo-oligosaccharides and other fructans: Chemistry, structure and nutritional effects
    4. Galacto-oligosaccharides: Properties and health aspects
    5. Polydextrose: Analysis and physiological benefits
    6. Fibersol-2: A soluble, non digestible, starch-derived dietary fibre


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Advanced Dietary Fibre Technology
edited by Barry V. McCleary and Leon Prosky
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