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Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Mosaic
edited by Dimitrije E. Panfilov

Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Mosaic assembles the experience of an international faculty of authors, each of whom has performed several thousand facelifts, i.e. procedures to rejuvenate and harmonize the human face. The authors share their experience, including tips and tricks, as well as ways to avoid complications and pitfalls.

The procedures covered in this book are accompanied by extensive artwork and photographs. A kaleidoscope of 363 important aspects, tips and tricks in facial plastic surgery completes the presentation.

The book is accompanied by a bound-in DVD which further enhances the practical value of the book with videos of procedures performed by the editor.


Part I: General Considerations

  1. The Face as a Dynamic Mosaic Work – Prosopoplasty
  2. Historical Overview
  3. Evolution of the Face
  4. Facial Expression
  5. Surgical Psychotherapy
  6. Ageing/Antiageing
  7. Facial Analysis
  8. Symmetry of the Face
  9. Facial Architecture and Fine Arts
  10. Fourth Dimension of the Face
  11. The Definition of Facial Beauty
  12. Facelift-Related Anatomy
  13. Five Topographic Levels of the Face and Four Layers of Surgical Acting
  14. The Ideal Candidate
  15. Prerequisites of the Surgeon

Part II: Preoperative Preparations

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. The Interface Between Aesthetic Surgery, Psychiatry and the Law: Some Practical Advice
  3. Identifying the Body Dysmorphic Patient in Aesthetic Surgery
  4. Examination
  5. Digital Photography and Computer Imaging
  6. Dermography
  7. Operating Room
  8. Local Anesthesia for Facial Surgery
  9. Operative Instruments
  10. High-Tech Equipment
  11. Radiofrequency Surgery as a Refinement in Aesthetic Surgery
  12. Successful Office–Clinic Management: Organization of a Beauty Clinic

Part III: Harmonizing Facial Mosaic Stones

  1. Forehead
  2. A More Conservative Open Frontal Lift
  3. Forehead and Midface Videoendoscopic Surgery
  4. The Subperiosteal Browlift
  5. Eyebrow Manoeuvres
  6. Eyelids
  7. Periorbital Rejuvenation
  8. Crow’s-Feet
  9. Rhytidoplasty – Step by Step
  10. Biplanar Face Lift
  11. SMAS for Face and Neck Lifts
  12. Nontraumatic Undermining in Rhytidectomies
  13. Aesthetic Facial Surgery: The Round-Lifting Technique
  14. The Vertical Sub-SMAS Periorbital and Midface Rhytidectomy
  15. Composite Facelift
  16. Double Ogee Facial Rejuvenation
  17. The SACS, ESP and Prehairline-Terrace Lifting
  18. The Vertical Facelift
  19. How to Minimize Inherent Contradiction in Facelift Operation Focusing on a Combined Method with Facial Bone Reduction
  20. Face Lifts with Vertical Hidden Incisions
  21. Mini Facelift as Prophylactic Preservation of Youth
  22. The MACS Lift – Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift
  23. MIDI Facelift
  24. Skin Resection Rhytidoplasty
  25. Facelift in Males
  26. Secondary Facelift
  27. Submental Manoeuvres
  28. Partial Resection of the Submandibular Gland
  29. Chin Corrections
  30. Lip Corrections
  31. Search for Balance Between the Nose Tip and the Upper Lip
  32. Autologous Fat Transfer
  33. Liposuction in Face and Neck
  34. Aftercare
  35. Pre- and Postoperative Skin Care
  36. The Use of Polarized Light in Aesthetic Surgery
  37. Concepts, Tricks and Tips in Facelift Surgery
  38. Face-Lifting, What Not to Do
  39. Nose Corrections
  40. Ear Corrections
  41. Surgical Hair Replacement
  42. Ancillary Procedures
  43. Aesthetic Laser Resurfacing
  44. Facial Contouring Surgery Combined with Skin Resurfacing
  45. Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation with the 4R Principle: Innovative uses of BOTOX and facelifting with the Woffles Lift, a barbed suture Sling
  46. Injectable Dermal Fillers – Resorbable or Permanent?
  47. Botox Treatment


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Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Mosaic
edited by Dimitrije E. Panfilov
2007 • 713 pages • $518.00 + shipping
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