Environmental Air Quality Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook
by Karl B. Schnelle, Jr.

  • Gives a detailed explanation of the design of air pollution control equipment
  • Covers alternative air pollution control processes
  • Focuses on stationary sources
  • Allows you to make quick cost estimates
  • Presents solved design examples with graphical output
  • Discusses environmental regulations and their history
  • Includes how to select and evaluate the most appropriate technology

From regulations to technology selection to equipment design, Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook serves as a single source of information on commonly used air pollution control technology. It details environmental regulations and their history, process design, the cost of air pollution control equipment, and methods of designing equipment for control of gaseous pollutants and particulate matter.

Coverage includes:

  • Review alternative design methods
  • Select methods for control
  • Evaluate the costs of control equipment
  • Examine equipment proposals from vendors

With its comprehensive coverage of air pollution control processes, the Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook is a detailed reference for the practicing engineer who prepares the basic process engineering and cost estimation required for the design of an air pollution control system. It discusses the topics in depth so that you can apply the methods and equations presented and proceed with equipment design.


  1. A Historical Overview of the Development of Clean Air Regulations
  2. Clean Air Act
  3. Air Permits for New Source
  4. Atmospheric Diffusion Modeling for PSD Permit Regulations
  5. Source Testing
  6. Ambient Air Quality and Continuous Emissions Monitoring
  7. Cost Estimating
  8. Process Design and the Strategy of Process Design
  9. Profitability and Engineering Economics
  10. Introduction to Control of Gaseous Pollutants
  11. Absorption for HAP and VOC Control
  12. Adsorption for HAP and VOC Control
  13. Thermal Oxidation for VOC Control
  14. Control of VOC and HAP by Condensation
  15. Control of VOC and HAP by Biofiltration
  16. Membrane Separation
  17. Control of Sox
  18. Fundamentals of Particulate Control
  19. Hood and Ductwork Design
  20. Cyclone Design
  21. Design and Application of Wet Scrubbers
  22. Filtration and Baghouses
  23. Electrostatic Precipitators


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Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook
by Karl B. Schnelle, Jr.
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